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Here are a few action shots from the weekend!

Fyrefly killing it with a loaner rifle she expressed pleasure toward after putting eye to glass and lead to paper.   ^:)^

This guy drove 3 hours to melt on the concrete!

The perpetually smiling Aubrey slinging hot lead!

Maryland (BeSwift and Eryole) / Re: Opportunity to spread the word
« Last post by The Wolfhound on Yesterday at 11:14:12 PM »
If you are going to come out to help, I need to know and I need to know your shirt size.  National is going to provide matching shirts for the crew.  Please respond in the Virginia version of this thread so I only have to look in one place.  Deadline August 20, 2017  Many thanks!
It was a great event.  the youth were awesome.  I wish I had gotten a video of the transitions, they all went down into seated at almost the same time...almost military precision.  ^:)^
I'm in.
Very nice AAR, Andy--sounds like it was an awesome event. We're looking forward to seeing your photos!
North Carolina (Pain Killer and Yankee Doodle) / Re: Welcome back Sadman!
« Last post by ThePoet on Yesterday at 05:01:40 PM »
Great news!  Welcome back.  I look forward to working with you again.
After Action Reports / Pittsburg, KS - Bone Creek Gun Club - July 22-23, 2017
« Last post by Lomshek on Yesterday at 04:54:09 PM »
It was a brutally hot weekend of marksmanship and history!  Saturday was 99 degrees with 81% humidity.  Sunday started with a little rain that brought a cooler morning and only topped out at 91 degrees but the humidity made it all the way to 99%.  That absurd heat and humidity made shooting with eye protection very challenging as sweat was constantly pouring into our eyes and lenses were perpetually fogged up.

Between the heat and a huge multi-state farm show held locally (not normally on this weekend) our attendance was way down from usual but the 7 shooters who did show gave it all they had and we ended up awarding 3 Rifleman badges.  Our very capable Applecore helper firefly re-qualled plus two new Riflemen.

We put about 200 rounds downrange on Saturday and went a little berserk Sunday with almost 600 rounds for an event total of about 800 rounds.  We could have slowed that down with some additional NPOA drills and will at the next one.

We fired 1 AQT Saturday for score after a whole lot of NPOA, Rifleman’s Cadence, Carding, B&D and other drills on squares and green coats then 8 or 10 AQT’s Sunday after a repeat of a number of those drills.

Five shooters stayed for Sunday and beyond the two new Riflemen we had a couple others who were within a hair of earning a badge but defeated by heat fatigue.

Here are the pics I have.  Hopefully my loyal cadre will be throwing some more pics up shortly!

The firing line on a hot, humid Saturday.  Tim up front and another guy drove over 3 hours to do this.

We had them try every variation of the seated and kneeling positions to find what worked best for them.

Got to award a well earned red hat to kansashwy1 (Rob Tinsley)!

This young lady is physically incapable of not smiling!  All she did all weekend was work hard, shoot straight and smile (and shot a few scores in the 190's having barely touched a gun before the weekend).

We instructors spent a lot of time beside shooters helping them rig slings and tweak positions.

Applecore extraordinaire fyrefly did an awesome job helping me get things ready for the weekend and keep things running smooth!

She also re-qualled and shot a personal best of 237 once I convinced her to try my carbine with a low mounted scope and proper eye relief!   O0

One shooter hit 210 exactly on day two of his first Appleseed ever and was baptized appropriately!

Our other new Rifleman wished to remain anonymous but proved he very much knows what he is about by pounding out a number of Rifleman scores Sunday afternoon.

Overall great weekend of shooting in spite of some brutal conditions.
Washington (janer and Kimber Custom) / Eatonville, WA July 2017 AAR
« Last post by Kimber Custom on Yesterday at 01:42:12 PM »
We are getting ready for a sold out event in Eatonville this weekend. Huzzah!
After Action Reports / Skowhegan, Maine July 22-23, 2017
« Last post by TOMINCT on Yesterday at 01:36:21 PM »
 Hello, just returned home late last night.

 Short version, great weather, 18 participants, 3 rifleman and one orange hat.

 To be continued tonite......
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