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Ohio (Corvette) / Ohio's Newest Orange Hat
« Last post by Corvette on Today at 12:53:19 AM »
Ohio AS,

Please join me in welcoming DragonFly as our newest Ohio Orange Hat.  Lynda shot her Riflewoman score this weekend at Coshocton Gun Club in Coshocton, Ohio and stepped up to accept to join our team of Instructors. Please join me in welcoming Lynda to the Ohio Instructor Corp. 

After Action Reports / Re: Eagle Creek, OR, AAR, May 16-17 KD
« Last post by Prescott on Today at 12:27:01 AM »
Here are the photos I took during the event.
After Action Reports / AAR Coshocton, Ohio May 18 & 19, 2019
« Last post by Corvette on Today at 12:15:25 AM »
Well we had another great Appleseed at the Coshocton Gun Club in Coshocton, Ohio this weekend. Fourteen motivated shooters showed up Saturday morning to work on their Marksmanship skills. It was raining prior to the start of Saturday morning but it abated before shooters arrived for registration. 

Once all the shooters had arrived, we completed the normal welcome and moved to the safety briefing. Rifles were brought to the line and the Saturday morning Red Coats was shot.  Results showed we had potential. We had 8 of 14 at 100,  6 at 200 and 300,  3 at 400, 2 joined Daniel Morgan and we had two cleared Red Coats. (Nathan and Bob).  Wow, what a great start to a great weekend. 

We moved to the steady hold factors in prone, followed by the six steps and NPOA instructions.  Related drills were shot and the morning moved on to shooting sighter groups in anticipation of IMC.  We broke for lunch where we enjoyed a First Strike from Texas T and an IMC presentation from Corvette. Shooters returned to the line after lunch to continue their work.

Sights were adjusted, confirmation groups were shot and a second round of sight adjustments were made with confirmation groups shot.

At that point, we were ready to move on.

Next was steady hold instruction in seated and standing which were followed by related drills. The Second Strike was presented by Aragorn at our afternoon break and we returned to the line for a practice AQT.

The day ended with the Saturday afternoon Red Coat which showed some improvement.  We had 11 of 14 at 100,  8 at 200, 5 at 300, 1 at 400, and 5 joined Daniel Morgan.,  This was followed by a Third Strike from Corvette and a call to action to all to get active in their local communities.

Sunday dawned sunny and all the shooters returned for day two, Huzzah. The morning Red Coat was shot and we moved on to carding the sights to work on our NPOA skills. We moved next to the AQT’s. In the morning, we had a number of Rifleman scores shot.
Christina and Bob both re-qualified with scores of 217 and 229 respectively.  And, we made a new Riflewoman.  Lynda from The Well Armed Woman chapter in Columbus, Ohio earned her patch with a 211.  This was special for me as I have worked personally with Lynda for two prior events and it was great to see her join the list of Ohio Riflemen/Riflewomen. Huzzah!

We presented KD instructions at lunch and returned to the line to shoot two more AQT’s.  We presented the DOM’s at the afternoon break and shot the Sunday afternoon Red Coat after the AQT's. We wrapped up a little early to beat a storm front that was headed our way.

Our thanks to the Coshocton Gun Club for hosting our event and my thanks to TexasT and Aragorn for helping with this event. 
After Action Reports / Eagle Creek, OR, AAR, May 16-17 KD
« Last post by Prescott on Today at 12:14:31 AM »
11 Patriot Americans came out to Douglas Ridge Rifle Club for the first KD event of the year.  Thanks to DRRC for letting us schedule 3 KD events at the range this year.

The sound of 11 center fire rifles shooting stage 2 and 3 of the AQT is truly a glorious noise, and brings a smile to my face.

Mother Nature was kind to us this week, even with a fairly ugly weather forecast.  We only got some light sprinkles in the morning of both days.   By mid-morning, everything dried up and we had perfect shooting weather.   The wind kicked up a little on Friday, but it was out of our 5 o'clock position so it did not affect the shot groups, or teach wind deflection, but it also did not teach wind deflection.

The students were very attentive during the instructional periods on Thursday and put the AS techniques to good use.  We had three new KD rifleman and two repeat KD rifleman.   Congratulation to Mervin, Randy and Cliff for collecting their new patches, and to Sara and Devon for demonstrating their skills.

Sara was shooting for her Distinguished patch, and shot the event high score of 238. Oh, so close!

I did not talk enough about the power of dry fire practice.   It is easy to perfect your shooting techniques on the comfort of your living floor.  With an unloaded and safe rifle, you can perfect your trigger control, steady hold factors and NPOA shifts at home.   A laser pointer will help reinforce the practice as you can watch the laser dot during the practice.  You can watch the laser dot as you squeeze the trigger to smooth the trigger break.   You can watch the dot become more steady as you learn to relax into the steady hold factors.   The laser can also help reinforce NPOA shifts and the verification of NPOA.  If you practice these techniques and come back to another AS event, I am confident you will see an improvement in your AQT scores.

I enjoyed spending the couple days with all of you, and I am looking forward to seeing you all at another AS event.

In Liberty,

After Action Reports / Re: Cheyenne WY May 18-19/19 AAR
« Last post by colonial shooter on Yesterday at 09:13:04 PM »
Day 2 started at a balmy 31*. Cars began showing up at the range covered in moisture, white and fluffy. Anywhere else would call it snow. It is May in Wyoming, and only the week after Mothers Day. Two students showed up ready to get into the grind. Most started out by telling us their own diagnosis of what they had been doing wrong. A good start from the instructors point of view. By the end on the day, improvement was shown , although not enough to hand out any blue patches, but both knocking on the door in the high 180s and low 190s. We will see them on the line again soon! Thanks to M1bzrk and sleepy, and to our newest RH LineDoc. Congrats! You guys make my job easy. Thanks! I know there were photos taken. Please add them and your comments.
After Action Reports / AAR - Gibsonburg, OH. 5-17-19, 2019
« Last post by Blindman on Yesterday at 08:57:25 PM »
I'm just going to put this here for now, more later.
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Austin Minnesota, May 11-12,2019
« Last post by martin on Yesterday at 04:56:45 PM »

After Action Reports / Re: AAR Austin Minnesota, May 11-12,2019
« Last post by martin on Yesterday at 04:54:49 PM »
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Austin Minnesota, May 11-12,2019
« Last post by martin on Yesterday at 04:52:44 PM »

Some more,,,,,
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Austin Minnesota, May 11-12,2019
« Last post by martin on Yesterday at 04:50:53 PM »

It's been a busy week,,,,time for some pictures!
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