We need volunteers in sales, marketing, PR, IT, and general "running of an organization." 
Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots
on the firing line!  An hour of time spent at this level can have the impact of ten or a
hundred hours on the firing line.  Want to help? Send a PM to Monkey!

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Texas (scuzzy and Steck) / Re: Texas Has a New Instructor...
Last post by mrakestraw - Today at 11:09:25 AM
Congrats and huzzah!
  The AL Rifle IBC is scheduled for 27-28 Jan at Bullet & Barrel in Huntsville.  That is a great facility that worked very well last year.
  Please sign up if you are available.  Along with brushing off the cobwebs, we will talk about growing Appleseed in AL.  I'm particularly interested in getting ranges south of the Huntsville/Guntersville line organized, and need help getting them hooked again.
  Hope to see you all there.
In Liberty,
  There is a pistol IBC in Canton GA scheduled for late February.  I'm attending that one again.
  Is there any interest in an Alabama Pistol IBC for 2024?  Please let me know and I'll try to get one scheduled.
In Liberty,
Maryland (BeSwift and Catch-10-22) / Re: Huzzah to Lycos for his pe...
Last post by Chico - Yesterday at 09:17:36 PM
Well deserved, Scott . . . Congratulations !
Maryland (BeSwift and Catch-10-22) / Re: Huzzah to Lycos for his pe...
Last post by Agent711 - Yesterday at 07:42:08 PM
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Maryland (BeSwift and Catch-10-22) / Huzzah to Lycos for his pendin...
Last post by BeSwift - Yesterday at 06:37:35 PM
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the program! New SB's are long to make and hard to come by....
After Action Reports / Missoula, MT Dec 2,3 2023 Wint...
Last post by Slainte - Yesterday at 06:07:31 PM
Five brave souls showed up for a Montana winterseed with temps right around freezing temps and new snow while we shot.  One shooter was a returnee with four shoots under his belt and a new family of four with two teenage girls!  Their first Appleseed was a winterseed! 

We had a great time despite the weather, cold unbooted feet, and many different rifle types with issues.  This tough crowd never lost their enthusiasm, it was amazing to witness.  Now that is Montana tough!

Thank you to Ravi for stepping up and helping a fellow shooter in need.  You are definitely part of the Appleseed family.

We hope to see the Four Musketeers (and how do we empty a musket? back at a warmer shoot.

Until then, rifle yoga and spend time with your rifles.
After Action Reports / Dec 2-3 2023 Marriottsville MD...
Last post by BeSwift - Yesterday at 03:52:29 PM
Another great event at Marriottsville. A small but dedicated group of students showed great progress on their journey to Rifleman....  2 students consistently shot 200-209 all weekend long but couldn't bust thru the last barrier....    Thank you to our host club for another outstanding event
Texas (scuzzy and Steck) / Re: Off-topic: Buc-ees swag r...
Last post by AF5US - Yesterday at 10:52:34 AM
Quote from: ITB on Yesterday at 10:30:36 AMI have a request to the Texas cadre (or anyone who lives near a Buc-ees).  It would involve buying some swag (for my lovely bride of 31 years) and shipping to me in Michigan.  I can reimburse however you choose, and I do use Venmo.

Please send me a PM if you're willing.


I'll PM you
Texas (scuzzy and Steck) / Off-topic: Buc-ees swag reque...
Last post by ITB - Yesterday at 10:30:36 AM
Request fulfilled.  Thank you.