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After Action Reports / Waverly, TN AAR March 23 & 24 2019
« Last post by bluegrasscolonel on Today at 05:15:40 AM »
The Humphries County Sheriff’s office was kind enough to allow Project Appleseed to host an event this past weekend at their range.  Thanks in no small part to the efforts of IIT Sgt-at-Arms’ efforts to promote this event in the area, it was sold out within days of it being posted on the schedule.

Saturday morning was pleasant and cool.  The shooters began showing up early and were ready to get down to business.  There were only a couple of shooters who had attended an Appleseed previously.  The opening and First Strike (by Tennessee Beast) were warmly received.

Day one was filled with smiles from the shooters as they began to see their shooting improve.  There were several young people attending and they all had great attitudes.

Saturday dawned with threats of rain.  Despite this, every shooter returned and was enthusiastic about reviewing what they had learned the previous day.  When we did move outside it was raining, but several pop-up canopies protected the line.

Scores on the AQT’s improved throughout the day and Josh (who qualified on his first event) shot a Rifleman score 3 times during the day.  We had a few knocking on the door and feel confident they will earn that badge on their next trip.

By mid-afternoon the sun was out and the day was quite beautiful.

As we centered up to score the final Hits Count target of the event, one of our young shooters was the only one to clear the Redcoat!  There was applause and smiles all around.

We had a great cadre at this event and the shooters were very kind in their comments as we concluded.  Thanks to Living Hand, RustyGun, Black Knight, Tennessee Beast, Sgt-at-Arms and ArmyVet1969 for working hard to make this a successful event.
Missouri (connibear) / Re: Status Of Missouri Appleseed
« Last post by Mercedes on Today at 12:40:50 AM »
Congratulations, minuteman1636, for scoring Rifleman, joining the Instructor Cadre, and taking the “bull by the horns” attending an Instructor Boot Camp.  Be sure to have read your Instructors Manual before the event so that you’ll have more awareness of the flow for the IBC and an Appleseed weekend.  There’s much that occurs behind the scenes that  you aren’t aware of as a shooter!

Debbie Fonseca
Texas Shoot Boss
Missouri (connibear) / Re: Status Of Missouri Appleseed
« Last post by minuteman1636 on Yesterday at 10:45:53 PM »
I am attending an Instructors Boot Camp in Kansas this coming weekend. So, you will eventually have one instructor in the KC area once I get fully qualified.
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Marion Ohio KD Mar 23&24, 2019
« Last post by Corvette on Yesterday at 10:01:08 PM »
Here are some Pics from the Marion KD.

Lawrence shoots Distinguished (240+ with open sights, Huzzah), Joe qualifies at Long Distance and takes a Blue Hat.

Iowa (Twineagles) / Re: 2019 IBC instructor boot camp
« Last post by Twineagles on Yesterday at 09:52:02 PM »
We have settled on March 30 -31 it will be held in Winterset IA.


There is still time to sign up. We have 7 IITs so far coming. Border raiders are always welcome.
Alaska (ItsanSKS) / Re: March Appleseed event
« Last post by Hedge on Yesterday at 09:48:08 PM »
Good job Bloomer!  Glad you came out and had a good time as well.  I look forward to seeing you in April.
Maryland (BeSwift and Catch-10-22) / Re: MD has a NEW SHOOT BOSS!!!
« Last post by Texas T on Yesterday at 09:36:44 PM »
Well done. Thanks for putting forth the time and effort that it takes to reach this level.    O0
After Action Reports / Re: Red Bluff,CA AAR March 16-17
« Last post by NorCal22Gal on Yesterday at 09:35:15 PM »
It was great to meet you Lyle!!  You put in a lot of hard work.  Look forward to seeing you again. 
After Action Reports / Re: Griffin Gun Club-Griffin, GA-TWAW
« Last post by Rustygun on Yesterday at 08:36:53 PM »
Sounds like a large time was had by all!
After Action Reports / New Kensington, PA March 23-24, 2019
« Last post by EZ3 on Yesterday at 08:34:20 PM »
Sunny spring weather made our "season opener" at Logan's Ferry Sportsmen's Club enjoyable for all who attended.  Our thanks to the club for hosting Project Appleseed again this year.  The students applied the points of instruction to their existing marksmanship skills and their downrange results reflected improvement.  Joe D. qualified Rifleman on his first AQT on Saturday (217) and joined the 1st PA Rifle Regiment by clearing his final redcoat on Sunday.  EZ3 (217) and glock1911 (225) re-qualified on Sunday, with glock1911 also clearing the final redcoat.  Shawn and Joe E both reached the threshold, shooting over 190, but couldn't push the door open.  Next time, guys! 
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