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Appleseed Store Information / Appleseed Mats
« Last post by FourFans on Today at 03:47:01 AM »
 I was ordering a bunch of slings to replenish those that I sell to shooters who want to buy rather than borrow them. I stumbled across the new AS shooting mat. The package arrived today. I am impressed,, and I'm not easily impressed.
 For $30 this mat is on par with various mats from Midway etc at over twice the price. It's not the $120 barcalounger that some people like, but it's a VERY acceptable mat for AS. Way better than the " yoga mat / camping mat / carpet scraps" we all see.
 I highly recommend taking advantage of the "introductory price"  before they start selling them for what they are actually worth.
 Either that, or I'm wrong.

Washington (janer and Kimber Custom) / Re: WA has a new SB!
« Last post by kenjo on Yesterday at 11:33:52 PM »
Excellent! Congratulations!
Gear and Reviews / Re: Magpul RLS sling
« Last post by NateB on Yesterday at 09:28:42 PM »
Excellent overview, thanks. I think for 20bux I'll throw down on one to have laying around.
After Action Reports / Re: Talladega, AL CMP KD, July 14-15, 2018
« Last post by Rustygun on Yesterday at 05:13:55 PM »
What an outstanding event! Rusty and Everett did a great job handling everything along with the Blue Hats. This was my first time at the Garand Range and it is as good as everyone says. A great venue for an AS. It was a pleasure to meet all the Instructors I hadn't met before. I witnessed some really good shooting including some very impressive 600 yard iron sight shooting by Maniac and WyKnott.

The cookout was a good time and highlight of the weekend. This event was great in every way. Hard to imagine a finer group of people. Thanks again to everyone who helped put it on. I will be back next year no doubt.
Ohio (Corvette) / Re: Ohio's Newest Blue Hat
« Last post by Charles McKinley on Yesterday at 03:23:28 PM »

Thank you for stepping up.  I look forward to working with you.

Gear and Reviews / Magpul RLS sling
« Last post by azmule on Yesterday at 03:14:47 PM »
Prompted by discussion at and a sale price of $16 with free shipping, I had to try one.  Figured this was the better place to post my gear report.

This thing looks to be well made, the web is textured in a way that makes it slippery lengthwise, but less-so laterally, so as to hopefully not slide down the arm too bad.  Although the folks at Turner Saddlery got nothing to worry about, for it’s price point this is a pretty good option.  Several years back I experimented with web strap and commonly available fittings and came up with pretty much the same thing (which I didn’t like at the time), with (because of) the notable exception of that wonderful slider!  The slider/keeper on this thing is just the right combination of ease-of-use and stay-puttedness – I was never able to find or make anything that worked as well, and it makes a big difference.  Kudos to Magpul!  But this sling, like everything, has its pros and cons.

Ease of adjustment.
The USGI is the clear winner here – whether in loop or hasty, adjustment is a quick trigger-hand only operation without even breaking position – nothing else comes close.  The 1907 is easy, but requires breaking position; the RLS is pretty much a set-n-forget PITA in the same category as drift adjustable sights.   $$-0  NEED for adjustment?  Good thing the USGI is so easy, seems like I have to tweak mine a little every time I use it – between positions, with different clothes…  The 1907 needs adjustment only when I have to wear an extra-heavy coat, and the RLS seems to be in that same category, with the caveat below.

Ease/speed of slinging up.
Loop:  The 1907 handily takes this one – the higher lateral stiffness of both leather and Turner biothane makes it quick-n-easy to find and dive your arm into that loop all the way to your armpit.  The RLS is a might floppy by comparison, its actually pretty difficult if you rig it the way the directions say – instead I routed the strap in through the BACK side of the front buckle, wrapped it around the front of the buckle and back out through, so the buckle helps hold the loop open.  It still requires more wiggling and maybe trigger-hand helping then the 1907, but its still not bad.  The USGI?  Well – you know.
Hasty:  1907 again.  I rig mine with a half-twist so that the rear frog is partway up the front loop on the rifle side – which allows me to set the rear frog for good upper arm support in hasty, but I don’t have to unhook it to shoot in loop without pulling the toe of the buttstock, making it true set-n-forget for all uses without fiddling.  I can’t seem to be able to accomplish the same thing with the RLS; to work well without cant in loop, I have to leave the rear adjustment loose enough that a tight hasty is not possible, and of course adjustment is NOT fast.  This is a 2-use sling, loop and carry.  Hasty with a USGI comes in second right behind the 1907 – its just as fast, but not quite as solid a support for the upper arm against the chest.

If you want to be able to carry your rifle and sling-up fast in loop for $20, this is definitely your sling.  I'll likely stick with a biothane 1907 for my primary rifle, but this one is useful enough to go on one of the others.

This is all just living-room comparison so far, I won’t be able to get to the range this weekend, but I will post a live-fire update when I do.   :snipersmi
After Action Reports / McLean, IL July 21-22, 2018 After Action Report
« Last post by TheEditor on Yesterday at 09:25:38 AM »
I hope everyone had a good time and learned a lot!

Due to a scheduling conflict at my work, I was unable to take the weekend off.  Shooter 30-06 stepped up and was Red Hat Shoot Boss in my absence.  Thanks to Steve for taking this on. 

Participants and instructors, please post comments and pictures. 

Thanks to the Holland Family for again hosting us.

Thanks to GSL Defense Training for equipment and logistical support. 

Wish I could be there!


Washington (janer and Kimber Custom) / Re: WA has a new SB!
« Last post by DevonErik on Yesterday at 03:36:43 AM »

I was too busy scoring targets to join the celebration... but I saw you prove all weekend that you deserve it! Well done.
Oregon (whit and Prescott) / Re: Known Distance Qualification day July '18
« Last post by DevonErik on Yesterday at 03:34:12 AM »
Lots of things have to come out right to shoot score at full distance. A heavy and unfamiliar rifle, switching ammunition, an undetected loose sling mount, and some target woes all conspired to make me come up embarrassingly short that day.

But since every noteworthy accomplishment is hard, and every hard task carries the chance of failure, and every failure that can happen eventually will... we must conclude that nothing noteworthy can be accomplished without persistence in the face of failure.

So I'm going to practice with that big bastard until I can make it sing as easily as I can with my AR15.
Washington (janer and Kimber Custom) / Re: Why no Appleseed at Clark Rifles?
« Last post by Mike AKA Bandaid on Yesterday at 01:02:38 AM »
When Wheeler44 was still running events in the NW (08’-11’), his son was on the Clark Rifle junior small bore team.  He was at the range at least 3 times per week and was well known at the club. He tried to get AS events at the range and they were resistant to the idea.  I think they have a very strict “no muzzles above the berm rule”.

I will send Wheeler an email and ask for the story about their issue.

Thanks Prescot. Please let me know what you find out!
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