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Now that brings back some fond memories of shoots there. I hope to be able to help out the NM crew again in the not-too-distant future.
Another fantastic event at Marlette Sportsmen's Club!  This is quickly becoming my favorite recurring event of the year -- it's phenomenal to see such a large group of shooters on the firing line in Kingston. As an instructor, it's very rewarding to work with so many shooters who are engaged and attentive. The young shooters in this group particularly, give me great hope for the future! 

Congratulations to our Riflemen (and women!) - excellent shooting!
Mick - thanks for being a good sport and letting us dunk you in the waters of the North Bridge!

The progression of marksmanship skills up and down the firing line was great to see, and a lot of you are 'knocking on the door' of your first patch. I really encourage you to practice your NPOA and transitions at home and then get back out for another Project Appleseed event. I think you'll find your persistence is very rewarding - it was for me!

Special thanks to Rangerat67 and the Marlette Sportsmen's Club for letting us camp on the range again. Bakin' Bacon and I really appreciated your hospitality.

I look forward to doing this again next year!

Too many pictures to post individually - click here for the photo album!

After Action Reports / Re: Fleming GA AAR 14- 15 September, 2019
« Last post by KPUC on Yesterday at 11:26:27 PM »
I am sad to have missed this event.  Glad to hear you had a good turnout. 

In Liberty, Chris
Wisconsin (Martin) and (Chewie aSC S. WI) / Help needed
« Last post by martin on Yesterday at 10:43:58 PM »

Hi everyone, we have an event in Bonfield Illinois that needs a shootboss. The event is OCT.5-6 and this event is already SOLD OUT.
After Action Reports / Re: Martin GA AAR Sept. 14-15 2019
« Last post by Roswell on Yesterday at 10:19:28 PM »
What a great event! Congratulations to Jen, Allen and Karen! And to CanBrit on his well earned distinguished badge!  :---

I know the rest of the shooters can do it too. A Rifleman persists!

In Liberty,
After Action Reports / Kintyre, ND AAR Sept. 14-15, 2019
« Last post by MrFixit on Yesterday at 10:15:12 PM »
Our Kintyre ND appleseed was once again a fun event!  With only a couple pre-registrations and a beautiful weekend, we got a lot of one-on-one time with our students.  We shot a bunch of AQT's, hid under the canopy during a couple of brief showers Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon the shade was appreciated!

 We had one student re-qualify as Rifleman, congratulations Greg!  Thanks for coming all the way from Iowa!

 See you all again next summer! :F
After Action Reports / Valentine, NE AAR Sept. 14-15, 2019
« Last post by Pine Ridge Puma on Yesterday at 10:05:37 PM »
Many thanks to Casey Foster, proprietor of Berry Creek Gun and Pawn, and his ranch for the shooting venue for this Appleseed.  Thank you also to his daughter and family who are a part of the enterprise.  We had real nice weather for the weekend and a total of eight shooters who we subjected to much marksmanship instruction and the history of the first day of the Revolutionary War.  Riley requaled and earned another patch and made our day when he accepted an orange hat and promised to pass on his expertise to future Appleseed attendees.  Several other patriots were getting good scores also and we hope to see them again so they can earn the patch.
After Action Reports / Re: Fleming GA AAR 14- 15 September, 2019
« Last post by Roswell on Yesterday at 09:14:39 PM »
Sounds like an awesome event! Good job everyone!
After Action Reports / Re: Fleming GA AAR 14- 15 September, 2019
« Last post by smileinbob on Yesterday at 07:07:34 PM »
Again thanks for coming up and running the shoot. It was a good time. The bottle caps I showed you were these We got them at walmart a while back but i could not find them on the site. We look forward to having more shoots on the south side of the state.
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