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« Last post by Corvette on Today at 12:23:47 AM »

It would be great if you can help with this event.  I understand that life has its claims on our time.  Anything that you can do to help would be appreciated.  Hope to see you at Salem if it works out .

Washington (janer and Kimber Custom) / Re: Port Townsend, WA JCSA July 13-14 AAR
« Last post by Earl on Yesterday at 11:48:33 PM »
And for the official After Action Report you will have to see the Shoot Boss, Janer rocked on keeping me on target on time and off current political noise. I was honored to tell the 1st Strike of the Match, causing a shooter to ask if I had a degree in History. Well, I do, but not in American History (European and Asian). On day two I showed my traveling library and Paul Revere's Ride. And other books I found interesting and useful in learning about the Revolution (American Spring). Careful watching of the shooters in two AQTs, I notice firing while breathing and poor follow through on many. Still on day two most people were on course to grouping on target, working on smooth six steps in making the shot. I wish the elbow of the support arm were really under the rifle, I wish the shooting eyes were closer to the rear sight, and the optics farther forward since we aren't shooting from a bench. Everyone responded well to suggestions, but lots of study, dry practice and owning the six steps will produce the quality shooter most of you will become. I loved telling Hezikiah Wyman and the old Gray Mare for my Dangerous Old Man story. I hope you enjoyed the Appleseed Event, will return another day to refresh and qualify and you will bring a friend or two. To learn very much what America is about.
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Nunn, Colorado Two Day Clinic 7/13-14 2019
« Last post by HapHapablap on Yesterday at 11:09:47 PM »
Thanks for the kind words, Sleepy.

We had a great time out there despite the low attendance and weather.

Now for some pics.

And finally, from my lofty position as an Orange Hat, I'd like to award one of our shooters, Ryan, with a special rocker I just made up.

Ryan whacked a bug at 25 meters.   ;D ;D

After Action Reports / Re: AAR Carroll, Ohio July 13&14, 2019
« Last post by Cadence on Yesterday at 10:24:04 PM »
More Pictures
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Carroll, Ohio July 13&14, 2019
« Last post by Cadence on Yesterday at 10:21:06 PM »
Pictures to prove it actually happened:
After Action Reports / Re: AAR Carroll, Ohio July 13&14, 2019
« Last post by Cadence on Yesterday at 10:17:59 PM »
I don’t think anyone could have asked for a better weekend. Although the weather was hot and muggy, we had a sold-out shoot, Passed out and Orange Hat (Congratulations Drew!  O0 ) and made 4 new riflemen with several more knocking on the door.

Saturday morning showed that this group was anxious to prove their mettle with a half dozen shooters showing up at the range by 7:30 am.

The Saturday morning Redcoat showed we had plenty of work to do and we got right to work with the steady hold factors for prone, Six Steps, NPOA, and IMC. After lunch we continued with the steady hold factors from sitting and standing. All shooters came with that all important “Teachable Attitude” and the Saturday PM Redcoat showed vast improvement with Terry clearing the target. HUZZAH!

Sunday started by the shooters showing us that  the “Rifle Fairy” had visited them during the night to sprinkle gunpowder in their ear to help them process the instruction and retain the skills they honed from Saturday by showing improvement on the Sunday AM Redcoat.

After a few NPOA drills, we started on the AQT grind and very soon people began to show us that they knew very well what they were about with Nick, Mark, Chris and Keith getting their patch. We also had several people knocking on the door with high 190’s and 200’s scores. We ended the day with 2 shooters clearing the Sunday PM Redcoat – Congratulations to Melissa and Roger.

A few special shout outs:
To Melissa – who by far was our most improved shooter of the weekend, who started out struggling a bit but finished strong by posting back to back 208 scores on the last 2 AQT’s and rebounded by clearing the Sunday PM Redcoat!

To Buddy – Thanks for the Saturday night range maintenance – keeping the weeds down that obscured stage 4 of your practice AQT. You know you could have posted your target a little higher! >:D

To Cactus Jack and his wife – many thanks for the Saturday night foil dinner. It was delicious. O0

Finally, thanks to the Central Ohio Coon Hunters Club for being such gracious hosts putting on a fabulous Appleseed shoot. I can’t wait to come back. Did someone say “Winterseed”?  ::)

Also a big thank-you to Shoot Boss Corvette and all my fellow instructors: Sir Bob, Lozen, Chewy, Chevyshooter and Cactus Jack for a fun and safe shoot. Looking forward to working with everyone again.
After Action Reports / AAR Nunn, Colorado Two Day Clinic 7/13-14 2019
« Last post by sleepy on Yesterday at 10:06:38 PM »
Good shoot.

We had two shooters show of four signed up, and we had Hap Hapablap and myself to staff it. Good shooter-to-instructor ratio, though honesty compels me to admit I would have been happier to be overwhelmed with huge numbers of shooters attempting to walk-on.

The range, Great Guns, was supportive as always. “Great” is an accurate description; nice people, nice facility.

Weather on Saturday was hot and sunny, about 95f with little for winds. As we set up far forward of the club’s normal firing line (and the shade), Hap Hapablap had the presence of mind to bring along an Ez-Up canopy and a tarp for the sunny side, both of which were helpful, and appropriate given only two shooters.

Due to low attendance, the shoot was pretty low-pressure once the target line was set up. There was ample time for coaching.

Our two shooters, Ryan and Dallas, were soaking up the instruction like a sponge. Both were first-timers.

We started early on Sunday morning, trying to beat the heat which made it up to about 90f. Clouds, rain, and plenty of wind made the afternoon a bit cooler, though the wind did mess with the shooting some, and the canopy a bunch!

Dallas and Ryan both shot well, largely scoring sharpshooter and marksman scores respectively. Both shooters had 10/22s, and both shooters had quite a few feeding issues which impacted scores in timed fire. Ryan had his first ever opportunity to fire an MSR, and was hooked!

No Rifleman patches were awarded. Redcoat scores left a lot to be desired, but were not really representative of the quality of shooting done. No hats were offered or accepted.

CMP certificates were awarded to both Ryan and Dallas for completion of the Appleseed. I expect Colorado will have a couple of new Garand owners soon.

Hap Hapablap did a great job with coaching and running the line. He also did a great job with his history, completing his IIT4. His IBC training under ITB really shows. It would not surprise me if next time we have a shoot in Nunn, he’s the SB.

All in all, last weekend was a really nice time and place for good people to gather and work to make a difference.
We had another great event in Redmond. We had a firing line full of teachable attitudes and it showed over the course of the two days. As always it was exciting to see the shot groups consistently tighten up as we progressed through the weekend. We had all the normal stock shape, sighting system and ammunition hiccups, but every shooter persisted. Sunday afternoon we had a redcoat target that was one shot away from being cleared (barely under the 400) with a 10/22 still using the stock rear leaf sight! It was clear that there was a lot of talent on the line this weekend. Now its time to internalize everything you drank from the fire hose :)

While we only had two shooters attain a score over 210, I have no doubt that we will be giving many of the attendees from this weekend a patch in the near future.

A few things for those shooters still on their journey to 210:
-Dry practice. Dry practice. Dry practice. Hydrate. Dry practice.
-Practice all those 'comfortable' positions at home. Get your body used to them.
-Use a click pen to practice squeeeeeeeeeeeezing the trigger, and releasing only to the reset point

Remember that 7th step of firing a shot; help us spread the message of Project Appleseed.

Since almost everyone on the line was "no pictures" I was only able to get one picture of James with his qualifying AQT -

I also want to throw out a big thank you to Steve for making the 3000 mile journey from Florida to help us out on the instructor side of things. It was great working with you and getting an insite into some of the differences of instructuon between the northwest and Florida. Thanks for stepping up and going the extra (3000) miles.
« Last post by Birdman on Yesterday at 09:29:51 PM »
I might be able to do one or the other, but may have to wait until closer to the events. A tough year....
After Action Reports / Re: Racine, WI AAR - July 13, 2019
« Last post by Bradr65 on Yesterday at 09:24:27 PM »
Thanks to you and your crew for this past Saturday .  .  . I learned a LOT and was also humbled by the experience.  I have lots of things to practice, and will likely attend another event, this time being much better prepared for the elusive Rifleman badge. 

You or one of the instructors mentioned a new budget-friendly sling from Magpul . . . this?

Again, thanks for the experience.  I'll do my best to sing the praises of the program for future shooters. 

 - Brad
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