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UPDATE!!!  The hearing on SB05 has been MOVED to Tuesday, January 28, at 1:30pm on the Senate Floor in Santa Fe!  Coincidence?  I sincerely doubt it!  I think they're scared of another showing like Richmond.

For folks unable to be in Santa Fe, there will be a sister rally in Las Cruces, NM the same day!
Georgia (Roswell) / Re: IBC - Canton, GA - February 22/23
« Last post by Roswell on Today at 02:12:54 PM »
BUMP - Hope to see you there!
Florida (Engineer shooting - Cable_Guy - B.C.) / Re: Creating an Appleseed range
« Last post by AJ Gonzales on Today at 01:49:20 PM »

I presented a check for $750 dollars to the Manatee Gun and Archery Club last weekend. They were thrilled to have our support. I got to see the plans for their range renovation project and it looks amazing.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. I'll be posting regular updates as the project moves along.
****HEADS UP****

They are moving the Red Flag session from the Senate Public Affairs Committee to the gallery floor at 1:30 tomorrow. NO WEAPONS allowed in the gallery. State Police will be checking your bags and using metal detectors.  Add another 30 min or so to get through the line.

Tuesday, Jan 28 at 1:30.  I would get there by noon.


Stephani Lord of Pro Gun Women will have Blue and White Pro-Gun Women men and women's shirts and buttons available tomorrow for unity.

NO NOT LET THEM DETER YOU! We NEED to show up in huge numbers because the Anti-Gun Bloomberg Goons, Mom Demand Action, WILL be there by the hundreds.

Ohio (Corvette) / Re: Outdoor Expo 2-29-20
« Last post by topper on Today at 11:16:36 AM »

I remember there being specific instructions included with the certificates. I don't know who won the certificates and was not able to follow up with the winners.

Certificates could be awarded during the Libertyseeds or from the vendor table instead of the general door prize drawings. If someone attended a Libertyseed or stopped by the table they could be in a separate drawing. That would remove much of the randomness of the door prizes and present them to folks that have shown interest.

Below is a facebook link to this years event with some photos and videos from last year.

The tentative seminar schedule has been posted there as well.

Mississippi (MandyMonstar) / Appleseed ranges in Mississippi
« Last post by Ramblin' Wreck on Today at 09:42:00 AM »
I'm hoping to help ignite the program in Mississippi this year but we currently have no activity there primarily because we have no existing range relationships. If anyone knows of a range that would be open to considering hosting one or more events this year please drop me a note or call me so I can contact them.
See you on the line,
Ramblin' Wreck
Alaska (fourfans) / Conditional Use Permit
« Last post by FourFans on Today at 03:04:02 AM »
"Conditional Use" Permit

 Sounds pretty harmless.  Stay tuned, but this is a huge problem. It impacts tons of stuff in the Mat-Su and the 2A in particular.

 Details are:
 1 - require a "conditional use" permit to do almost ANYTHING on your own property. Ranges,, cows,, race cars,, name it.
 2- make "conditional use permit" impossible to obtain.
CLASSIC left wing, liberal tactics. Make a simple permit required,, then make the permit impossible to obtain.

 Again stay tuned. I'm in close contact with the leader of a rally that will be happening Friday 31 Jan. Just to let the powers know we are NOT cool with this.
 I'll add details in the next few days,, but if you are free Friday...…
Pennsylvania (Chainsaw) / Re: PA 1st Rifles patches
« Last post by Texas T on Yesterday at 10:04:49 PM »
If anyone was left out and didn’t have a chance to get in on the order, I’ll give up 5 of mine. Otherwise, I’ll take what I committed to.

Ohio (Corvette) / Re: Outdoor Expo 2-29-20
« Last post by Charles McKinley on Yesterday at 09:12:45 PM »
That is why I like s separate auction or raffle for tickets as people that are actually interested in coming to an Appleseed get them.

Just my 2 cents.
KY Appleseed,

The planning for the iBC at Tusco Rifle Range near New Philadelphia, Ohio on Feb 15 &16, 2020 is moving forward.  If you are going to join us, I need you go to the main Appleseed site, find the event and sign up as an attendee by the end of this week.  We are looking to finalize head count so we can finalize plans for food etc.

We have a great program planned, if you are an IIT, there will be a great amount of experience that you can take advantage of to advance your Appleseed skills.  We hope to see you in three weeks at the event.

Corvette, Ohio SC
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