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Congratulations, PW!  Well done!
Way to go, PW!!! :beer:

On a cold, snowy Michigan afternoon, a solitary man slowly approaches through the snow, plodding along as if beaten by his shoot boss, having to do all the work at an event while the SB lounges under the heaters... 
Through the blinding white snow, his orange hat is the first thing to appear to the vision of the students.  But not for long, his stride quickens, gains a confidence, no that hat is not orange, it's now red,  a bright red of instructor...

Yes Pocket Watch, has earned his red hat, with his hard work and perseverance I know he will be a beacon for other instructors and look forward to working with him for years into the future.

Congratulations...  now get to work!

Also, Shoot Boss gets his pay docked for not taking photos or having them ready by the time he posted this.

Florida (Engineer shooting - Cable_Guy) / Re: Trifold Flier for Florida
« Last post by Planeman on January 24, 2022, 08:41:02 PM »

They're great!  THANK YOU!

It's a nit-pick, but could you change the "2021 Rifle Clinic Fees:" to 2022?

If you're done, no worries, everything else works and I've got plenty of black markers to change a 1 to 2!

Thanks again!!
After Action Reports / 2022, Jan 22-23, Lapeer, MI WINTERSEED
« Last post by number6 on January 24, 2022, 08:07:46 PM »
So it's January in Michigan, what is a person supposed to do?

Lions were done for the season, Hockey doesn't get good until the playoffs.  Pistons???

Lets go out and learn some marksmanship and history!!!!!

Nine hardy souls did just that, from our first timer Ben, to Rob T whose probably attended more events than anyone can remember.  and Rob ALWAYS brings friends....  or in this case his little brother...

Starting out at a balmy 16 degrees Freedom (it got to 26 or so on Sunday) we got our first couple of Morgan's Men on the first redcoat of the weekend.

And it was all 4s and 5s from there.

Rob T set the bar with a requalification at 237 on Saturday, then cleaned the afternoon redcoat.  And the scores on the Saturday AQT had this Shoot Boss calling around for extra winterseed patches.

After a bit of snow overnight made the roads treacherous, well more than normal because of potholes.  Everyone started reaching toward that goal of the elusive winterseed patch.

Sundays New and Requalified Riflemen:   Ashley with a 211,  Ben with a 218, Garret with a 217 and 220, Al with a 219 a 22? and finally a 239, just missing out on that Distinguished patch...

But you know who did get one of those red Distinguished Patches.... Rob T with a 244, 246 and finally a 247

Even though we had a lot of qualifying scores, we still had great improvement from everyone.  Megan got within 5 points of her older brother TJ and now it's a race for their Rifleman patches.  Doug and Rob Z were both first timers and brought their scores to just shy of the 210, with practice they'll be there as well, a regular tan or green patch is in their future as I expect to see them back soon.

We even had a spot for some Instructors;   Mr. Zeke requalified and earned a winterseed patch, and TL, whose first patch was at a winterseed, requalified as well.

But hey, it wasn't all AQT grind, we had Roundballer, a favorite Lapeer County Sportsmens Club member, bring out his Brown Bess, helped the students understand the workings and trappings of the colonial militia, and then help retire an orange hat....

Yep, Pocket Watch got to change his hat color from orange to Red, he's worked hard for this promotion and it showed in his presentations throughout the weekend.

Once all the students had a chance with the Bess at Pocket Watch's old hat, we let the students fire a celebratory volley into it as well.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, learned a bit about marksmanship, a lot about the founding of our Nation, and are planning on coming back.  I know Al wants that distinguished patch.

I'll work on getting photos from everyone, as usual I wasn't good at taking photos, but I know others were, and I look forward to seeing them.

After Action Reports / AAR Carroll, OH Winterseed Jan. 22 & 23
« Last post by Cadence on January 24, 2022, 07:53:04 PM »
The weather was perfect at the Central Ohio Coon Hunters Association for a Winterseed, with temps starting in the single digits for Saturday morning and a snow storm that brought 2-3 inches of snow that started Sunday morning along with significant winds. The 13 shooters were a mostly current riflemen and riflewomen which made the event move right along. All who showed up for this event were attentive and chomping at the bit to earn the icicle patch.
We started Saturday morning with the normal welcome, introductions and moved to the safety briefing. Rifles were brought to the line and the Saturday morning Red Coat was shot.  Results showed we had a great bunch of shooters. We had 11 of 13 shooters good at 100, 8 at 200, 5 at 300, 5 at 400, and 6 joined Daniel Morgan.  We also had 3 cleared Red Coats.

We moved on to the steady hold factors in prone, followed by the six steps and NPOA instructions.  Related drills were shot in between the points of instruction and groups began to shrink. IMC presentation on how to adjust sights was presented before we broke for lunch and the First Strike was presented.
After lunch we shot confirming groups and moved on to the steady hold factors in seated and standing which were followed by related drills. The Second Strike was presented by Jiminbolivar at the afternoon break.
This was followed by a practice AQT and the afternoon redcoat. The Saturday afternoon Red Coat had results which showed improvement at the longer distances over the morning effort.  Of the 12 shooters, we had 11 at 100, 8 at 200, 6 at 300, 6 at 400 and 7 joined Daniel Morgan. We also had 5 people clear the Redcoat for the Saturday PM target.

This was followed by the Third Strike and the Saturday call to Action.

Sunday cold and overcast with the promise of heavy snow during the day. We started the day with a review of the safety rules and the POI’s from Saturday. Rifles were brought to the line and the Sunday morning Red Coat was shot.  It was very encouraging.  Usually there is a little drop on Sunday morning but this group knew very well what they were about. Of the 11 shooters present, we had 10 at 100, 8 at 200, 7 at 300, 3 at 400, and 4 joined Daniel Morgan. We also had 2 shooters who cleared the Redcoat.

We confirmed zero’s from the day before, and then started the AQT grind because of the weather forecast. We got in 3 AQT’s before our lunch break allowing  the shooters warm up. Jiminbolivar presented Josiah Haynes and Sam Whittemore during our lunch break.

We handed out the morning AQT scores with Aramis showing he knows very well what he is about by scoring a solid 214 on his first attempt. This was Aramis’ seventh Appleseed event proving that a rifleman persists. Just to show it wasn’t a fluke, Aramis also followed up with scores of 230 and 215. Mom, Melia, showed that she also knew very well what she was about with scores of 227 and 224 to earn her Winterseed patch. Dad, Denton was not to be outdone by posting scores of 214,230, and 217.

Shooter Jon also shot a rifleman’s score on his first attempt with an impressive 226. He also followed up with scores of 231 and 221. Michael rounded out the group of existing rifleman requalifying with scores of 214,220, and 222.

We were only able to get in 2 AQT’s in the afternoon due to the snow forecast but the shooters made these AQT’s count with Scotty requalifying with a 220.

Although we did not add any new rifleman, we had several shooters with solid scores and getting on the porch knocking on the door.  Shooter Mark was pounding on the door with a 209, but just could not get the door open.

The day ended with the Sunday afternoon Redcoat.  We had 10 of 10 at 100, 8 at 200, 8 at 300, 5 at 400, 3 joined Daniel Morgan and one shooter cleared the target.

I want to give our youth shooter Anna – age 9 special recognition. This was her second event and even though see didn’t shoot a rifleman’s score, she had scores in the high 190 for most of the Sunday AQT’s.

I want to thank the Central Ohio Coon Hunter’s Association for allowing Appleseed access to their fabulous facility. Also, I hand to thank my instructors Cactus Jack, Blackbird, Jiminbolivar, Charley, Meadow, and Chewy and Camo Cowboy. You made my task easier by your effort and professionalism.
Florida (Engineer shooting - Cable_Guy) / Re: Trifold Flier for Florida
« Last post by Sieggie on January 24, 2022, 03:31:34 PM »
To All,

I updated the Tri-fold for 2022. See the first post for a link to it.

Illinois (Chewie) / Re: IBC in Perryville, Mo
« Last post by ChuckA on January 24, 2022, 02:52:46 PM »
Excited for this opportunity and should be signed up. If anyone is headed that way from the Springfield area or further north feel free to message me and we might be able to work a carpool
After Action Reports / Macon, GA - MRGC - Private Pistol Clinic - 1-22-22 - AAR
« Last post by Roswell on January 24, 2022, 12:40:19 PM »
First, let me thank the Marion Road Gun Club for once again hosting a great event and going above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. Saturday began cold and wet but... well it stayed that way all day, but the students persevered. And some even did a little Improvise, Adapting and Overcoming. One student set up a propane heater in the prep area. Free forgot his boots but a couple trashbags fixed him up. 

We began the day by framing things with the First Strike of the match. After that, we moved right into instruction. Safety Block, Pistol terminology and familiarization and then shot the Redcoat. Congratulations Jeremy for clearing the morning redcoat. Huzzah!

Then the instruction really began with Grip and stance.

Then we were really moving along. Low Ready, Close Retention, 6 Steps, NPOA, Trigger Reset, Mag Changes, Clearing Malfunctions, and Controlled Pairs before we broke for lunch. At lunch we heard the Second Strike of the Match and the Onion of Self-Defense.

After lunch, we were back at it with more practice on controlled pairs. Next we moved to One-handed shooting and spent a little time on that. Then we did some slow fire shooting. After that we took a break and enjoyed the third strike of the match.

Then it was time for some PQTs! We shot two PQTs, then a redcoat (which Mike cleared, huzzah!) before hearing the benediction. When all was said and done we had 2 new Pistoleers (Jeremy and Mike) as well as a requalified Pistoleer (Free)! Huzzah! Good job Gentlemen!



Excellent work everyone! I hope to see you all again on the line soon. Please, remember that 7th step.

In Liberty,
Connecticut (Parallax) / Ct Appleseeds for 2022
« Last post by TOMINCT on January 24, 2022, 10:49:49 AM »
  This is just the start of a busy and varied season for Appleseed in Ct. We'll be having 1 and 2 day events along with rimfire KD and a Appleseed Pistol Clinic this season.

 To start is a 1 day in Somers February 5th:

 An IBC for instructors March 19-20:

 The anniversary 4/19 event in Granby April 23-24:

 Bozrah R&G June 4-5:

 There will be more spaces to be filled in, so stay posted by checking in often.
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