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History 19 April - many original depositions- Good read
« on: April 20, 2021, 12:55:09 AM »
A History of the Fight at Concord, 1827

I came across this old pamphlet in a researching the fight at North Bridge. A person had seen the Don Troiani painting and had asserted that the Militia was in a tight street formation just like the British, and tales of small-unit and individual action on 19 April anywhere were all myth. I informed him of the third strike and the fire-fights back to Lexington. As far as the painting, I'll grant there may have been a few of the militia near the bridge, but not as Troiana has portrayed it;  most were in a passing-march formation, just as explained in this Col Barret deposition. When they turned to fire they had their flank file available, while the British were likely limited to only the first rank of a tight formation.

Committee of the Provincial Congress :

Lexington, April 23, 1775. " I, James Barrett of Concord, Colonel of a regiment of militia in the county of Middlesex, do testify and say, that on Wednesday morning last, about day-break, I was informed of the approach of a number of the regular troops to the town of Concord, where were some magazines belonging to the province, and where there was assembled some of the militia of that and the neighboring towns, when I ordered them to march to the north bridge and pass the same, but not to fire on the king's troops unless they were fired upon. We advanced near said bridge, when the said troops fired upon our militia and killed two men upon the spot, and wounded several others, which was the first firing of guns in the town of Concord. My detachment then returned the fire, which killed and wounded several of the king's troops. JAMES BARRETT."
Sworn to before WILLIAM REED, > JOHN H ASTINGS, V Justices of the Peace."

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