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Steele, ND, October 3-4
« on: October 05, 2009, 01:25:49 PM »
The shoot this past weekend in Steele, ND, was great as usual.  We had 12 shooters on Saturday and 9 on Sunday, and all of them made leaps and bounds of progress.  The weatherman had forecasted good conditions for both days but Saturday was drizzly and overcast.  Our hosts had several large semi tarps that they put on the firing line for people to lie on, and since everyone was enthusiastic about learning, the weather didn't really have any effect.

Whisker was working as shoot-boss-in-training for this event.  Alex, myself, and banjoman made up the rest of the instructer cadre.

There were two centerfire rifles on the line, an M1A and a bolt .270, and the rest of the line was made up of .22LRs.  A lot of Savage MK II bolt actions with scopes, and a fair number of 10/22s.  Two rifles were set up with aperture sights. Most people didn't have USGI slings initially, but by Sunday we were able to rig up enough slings for everyone to use.  The slings definitely made a difference on the AQT scores. 

Saturday, we did the standard Redcoats, squares, green coats, star targets, and a few AQTs while teaching and refining the steady hold factors, the 6 steps, NPOA, cadence, IMC, sling use, and the like.  Sunday, Whisker threw in a few Rapid Fire AQTs for those who wished to try it.  Late on the second day, Andrew qualified as a Rifleman with a score of 211.  It proved once again that a Rifleman persists and determination pays off!

Everyone appeared to be having a good time and there was talk of getting another on the schedule next year at this location.   Our hosts were very hospitable and invited everyone in for dinner and to get out of the cold and rain.  Thank you, Bornemann family!  Here's a few pictures of the event.

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Re: Steele, ND, October 3-4
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2009, 01:57:49 PM »
It was a pleasure to travel to North Dakota to experience the state's third(?) Appleseed.  NDrifleman gave a great summary of the weekend. By the end of Sunday there were two or three shooters scoring the 200's.   It seems the ND program is well on its way and in good hands with the very competent IITs (Banjoman and NDrifleman).  I expect a fast growing and sturdy Appleseed program in North Dakota. 

Congrats Andrew on the Rifleman score!  Are you on the forums yet to claim your orange hat?

IITs-  Make sure to come down to Iowa for the Instructor Boot Camp in November. 

Thanks to the good people of North Dakota, especially the Bornemanns'!

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