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Women's History Month 2021 - Sybil Ludington
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:59:03 PM »
Good morning and welcome back to Project Appleseed's Women's History Month series on Revolutionary War Heroines!  This week's submission is a two-fer.  Two remarkable young women, teenagers, actually, both of whom exceed all expectations and quite literally saved the day!  These two young girls exemplified courage and bravery: Sybil Ludington and Elizabeth “Betty” Zane.  We'll tell Sybil's story today.  Make sure you come back on Friday to meet Betty!!
Sybil Ludington was the daughter of General Henry Ludington, a militia officer in New York. One fateful morning, there was to be an attack on the militia’s munition supply for their region. Sybil’s father began to gather his men to march the 15 miles out to Connecticut, and recruited Sybil to help alarm the countryside. At only 16 years old, Sybil took on a midnight ride over 3 times as long as Paul Revere’s famous ride. She rode over 40 miles through the dark of night to rally the militia. Because of Sybil’s efforts, 400 men mustered to retain control of the munitions supply. Although the Patriots were unsuccessful, they were able to hold off the British armies and push them back to Long Island.

There is a statue of Sybil in Carmel, New York, and she was even on a stamp during the bicentennial. Sybil Ludington, although a lesser known figure in the American Revolutionary War, played an integral role in that battle and in earning the freedoms we enjoy today.

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