Author Topic: Calguns Lytle Creek Shoot 'n' Q - April 3rd  (Read 356 times)

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Calguns Lytle Creek Shoot 'n' Q - April 3rd
« on: February 21, 2011, 10:13:12 PM »
Hi Everyone

I will be hosting a Shoot 'n' Q @ Lytle Creek on April 3rd
Lytle Creek Range is near the Glen Helen/West End Shooting Club - a few miles North of the 210 on the 15 frwy
SoCal - sorry NorCal and CentCal (I do have Leads and Coordinators in those areas planning events as well).

The link below will take you to the information

A Shoot 'n' Q is concept that a few of us developed to help get the Calgunner out from behind the keyboard and out
to the range to meet their internet/forum neighbors.  What we do is make arrangements with a local outdoor range
and reserve a large amount of space and host several kinds of sport shooting related activities.  We also host a potluck
and BBQ and gather everyone up during lunch for some conversation and discussion (perfect time for a 3 strikes presentation  ;) ).
Our last Calguns Shoot 'n' Q brought 160 shooters together and feed each one till busting.
So I am extending the invite out to all you Appleseeder's, this would be a great fun shoot and I bet you OCDer's  :o  :) will get to see
wood dragging like no where else HAhahaha 

If you want to come, you would need to cover your range fee.  If you want to participate in the Potluck you will need to contact my
Potluck Coordinator on the Calguns site.

Cya Out at a Range Everyone
Jacob Rascon, (aka) Pennys Dad
CALGUNS Shooting Sports Association
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