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Azusa CA (Burro Canyon) August 7/8 2010
« on: July 01, 2010, 07:53:27 PM »
We have two private ranges, 25 yard and 100 yard, for our exclusive use this weekend so forget any complaints you've heard about the public range "etiquette."

We can get a max of about 30 on the 100 yard range, but the 25 yard range can take "any number" ie 50+ easily.

So bring your 22s and see them work at 100 yard once you've mastered the 25 and centerfires can get a 100 yard confirmation zero. Please no "magnetic" (steel core, tip, coat) ammo at this range due to the extreme fire hazard.

This is an undeveloped, no cover or pad, range and in August it will be hot so please bring any popup shade covers you can and prepare accordingly, plenty to drink, plenty of sunscreen and plenty of bug spray.

Bring a packed lunch as we will be shooting/talking all day, no time to go into town for lunch. Plan on a minimum of 250 rounds per person per day.

Range directions can be found on their website, its about half an hour from the 210/39 Azusa junction.

I'll edit this with eventbrite/flyer links when they appear.

No camping at the range. Nearest motels in Azusa near the 210.