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The Importance of Fall
« on: September 26, 2009, 01:23:27 PM »
The Importance of Fall

Ahhh yes it is Fall again. Boy oh boy does a year fly by when you're on the Appleseed Trail.
2009 was a banner year for Appleseed, exceeding its goals across the board. Illinois alone went from 5 Appleseeds to 19. We went from almost 150 attendees in 2008 to nearly 500 in 2009 and then there is the Rifleman...35 RIFLEMAN WITH 4 SHOOTS LEFT!!! We started the year with the previous two years total of 16, so that is 51 to date with Bonfield, Durand, and two more Ottawa's to go.

That really makes me proud to be a part of this program. With the excellent Appleseed Volunteers to work with, it amazes me sometimes at what can get done with a reasonable amount of effort.

But I guess I need to get back on track here....The Importance of Fall

The success of April 19, 1775 was only possible with a well-regulated group of dedicated individuals working as several teams all within in a "Plan". As you all know by now the term "Well Regulated" meant that these folks were well-trained and well-equipped. They not only knew what they were about, and were equipped with the tools to get the job done, they also had a plan.

A plan that had been started months and months before April 19th 1775. A plan that was practiced and polished over the Fall and Winter of '74.

For Appleseed 2010 to meet its goals, we have to start planning and preparing now, in the Fall of '09

As you may know, Appleseed's goal is to build a Nation of Rifleman and in order to do that within any time constraint, at a minimum it needs to double every year. This is easy in the beginning. All that needed to be done the second year is double the amount of shoots. Even the third year it was simple, but as we progress, planning gets much more involved. It is no longer a simple case of doubling the amount of shoots.

In order for the program to continue to grow at this blistering pace we need to increase our Instructor Pool and the only way to do that, is to not only forge more Rifleman out on the Appleseed Anvil, we must also inspire them to grab a bucket and help instruct. This is one of our biggest challenges facing Appleseed today.

The best way to increase the Rifleman count is to maximize potential by filling the shoots to capacity. This is where you come in. This has been posted in a few forums and e-mailed to everyone on my list. If you're on that list you have either been to an Appleseed Shoot, or you have shown an interest in the Appleseed Project. The question that I pose to you is this.

Do you feel that the Appleseed Project is worthy of your assistance?

Not everyone gets the same thing out of their first Appleseed, and to be honest, many thoughts evolve over multiple Appleseeds. Your first shoot you may walk away a better shooter, but as you continue down the Appleseed Trail you quickly realize that it isn't becoming a better shooter that continues to bring you back to Appleseed, it's about being a better American, it's about rekindling that American Spirit across the Nation. That same American Spirit that gave birth to this Nation on April 19th, 1775, healed this Nation following Civil War, defended it's Allies while ending two World Wars and a Cold War, put a man on the Moon and has lead the World in Ideas, Imagination, and Innovation since.

It is amazing what American Spirit coupled with the those inalienable rights granted by our Creator and so gracefully written in our Declaration of Independence, can do when put to work. It is also amazing the effect that lack of spirit and lack of Freedom cannot accomplish. If you are not sure, take a look at any of the several dictatorships across the world.

Of course Freedom is not Free. It takes a lot of responsible effort to preserve Freedom. When the population believes that Freedom should be Free, it is lost in a blink of an eye.

So here we are, trying to "Wake up America" as fast as we can. Remember that question that I asked of you? Well, is it worthy of your time?

I know times are tough, believe me, I'm in the construction industry and the belts are tight. I'm not asking for a donation of funds, just a donation of time. What does it cost to tell your friends and family how much fun you had and how worthy the program is? How much does it cost to post a flyer on the bulletin board at work? How much does it cost to drop off some fliers off at a local gun shop or sporting goods store?

How much will it cost if we fail to wake up America, and the populace finally votes for "free" Freedom.

If you have never attended an Appleseed, what are you waiting for? We have several on the schedule in Illinois and our neighboring States, try to get to one soon, and of course bring the family and a few friends. .

If you have been to an Appleseed, but have not scored Rifleman yet, don't despair, as I said above, there are several opportunities to achieve a Rifleman score of 210 or higher, and of course, bring the family and a few friends.

If you have not only been to an Appleseed, but scored a Rifleman Score, please consider becoming an Appleseed Instructor. Once you accept the orange IIT hat, you can attend Appleseeds, Rifleman Bootcamps, and Instructor Boot Camps for FREE, of course, bring the family and a few friends.

If you have not only been to an Appleseed, scored Rifleman, and taken on the role of an Instructor In Training, please follow through. There are 11 shoots currently on the schedule for Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin and Iowa, not to mention a Rifleman's Boot Camp in MO and several Instructor Bootcamp's on the horizon. If you do your homework, you should be able to move up one level per shoot. In theory, with minimal effort, every single IIT currently on the books in the Mid-West could be a full Instructor by April 2010

Now, for everybody. There is an old saying floating around Appleseed circles.....


Well, we have covered how important it is to get to a Shoot. We have covered how important it is to Recruit friends, family, co-workers, etc. We have covered how important it is to take that Rifleman status to the next level of responsibility and become an Instructor, all that is left is to communicate.

At Appleseed, that is done at many levels. The first place to start is participate in the Forum. It is a working forum with little chit-chat. If you are not signed up yet, go to and click on "Forum" then register. Make sure you mention the State you live in and the States you have attended an Appleseed in so you can see your State Boards. The next is get on your State Coordinator's Radar by sending them a PM, and let them know you want to help. If your already an IIT, stay in contact with each other and start building a relationship with your co-volunteers, and then use that relationship as a foundation to build 3-man Appleseed Promotions Teams. And of course, get out to those Gunshows and help spread the word.

We need all hands on deck! We need to wake up a Nation and remind them that Freedom is not free, and that it takes a responsible dedication of time and effort to not only preserve what's left, but to revive what has been already lost.

Bonfield, IL Oct. 3-4
Durand, IL Oct. 10-11
Lodi, WI Oct. 10-11
Evansville, IN Oct. 17-18
Wabash, IN Oct.17-18
Osage Beach, MO Oct. 24-25
Ottawa, IL Oct. 24-25
Wayland, IA Oct. 24-25
Ottawa, IL Nov. 7-8
Bates City, MO Nov. 14-15
Riley, IN Nov. 28-29

Hope to see you on the Appleseed Trail soon O0

Dan Hendrickson (Garand69)


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