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Show Me State Appleseed
« on: August 14, 2009, 04:59:24 PM »
Appleseed here in the Show Me state is growing, but we have a long way to go!

In the Kansas City area, we have Pioneer gun club on board, our first shoot there (June 09) was a big success, our second is scheduled for November, and we're already discussing dates for next year.  Weatherby MO, also less than an hour from KC, is about to hold it's 2nd 'seed.  We're looking at a location in Lexington, MO for next year, as well.  We have 2 local shoot bosses, and a healthy number of red and orange hats in the area.

In Central MO, we have the Osage Beach range, dedicated to the Appleseed cause.  It's turning into a very nice facility, thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated local folks.  I'll be there next weekend... going to our Osage DAR is _always_ something to look forward to.

Last spring, we held a shoot in Williamstown, in the extreme north-eastern corner of the state.  We have not yet been able to settle on a date for the 2nd shoot there yet, but it'll happen.

One of our new Riflemen from the last Osage Beach shoot is having us out to his place, in Washburn MO, along the Arkansas line in September.  From the photos, it appears to be a beautiful place, I'm looking forward to it.

That leaves a whole bunch of fertile ground yet to be covered.  St. Louis, the largest city in the state, has yet to have an Appleseed (though we did have one on the Illinois side...)  That's something we simply have to fix.  We do have an orange hat or two in the area, but we simply must find a range on that side of the state.  I'd also like to have something down in the boot heel in the near future.

In short... the MO Appleseed program needs your help!  If you have some land, or know someone who does, in the St. Louis area, Springfield, down in the southeast corner... Please, let me know! 

To maintain Appleseed's growth rate goals, we need to at least double the 10 shoots we had (or will have) this year.  I'd estimate right now I could schedule about 16.  Surely we can do better than that... we going to sit on the couch and let Illinois make us look bad?  Our goal 'ought to be somewhere north of 30 for next year, not a measly 16!

Jump in here folks... Promotions, ranges, instructors, the MO program is in need of your assistance!