Author Topic: Slippery Rock, PA Aug 15-16  (Read 596 times)

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Slippery Rock, PA Aug 15-16
« on: August 09, 2009, 08:06:42 PM »
We have Master Instructor Dinky Dao and three instructors signed up for this shoot.  Could we get another defender of liberty (Appleseed Instructor) to sign up for this weekend?  Pre-reg is 18 as of last week's update.  An opportunity for a new IIT to get their feet wet and move up a notch.  Nice western PA location.  No extra charge for Cousin Wayne's bagpipe music!!

This is the first Appleseed to be held at the new Tim Murphy Memorial DAR hosted by Cowdog.  Excellent range setup and you can be part of history at this location's first Appleseed Shoot.

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Re: Slippery Rock, PA Aug 15-16
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2009, 09:36:19 PM »

We have Master Instructor Dinky Dao and three instructors signed up for this shoot.

Actually, Joe, I'm a Senior Instructor who's attended over three dozen shoots. Doing a lot of shoots doesn't make you a Master Instructor, it just makes you...well...very busy.


Tack on that I'm the State Coordinator for Ohio, and there ya go.  :o We're gonna have a great crew out this weekend. I tried to get Redman1 to tag along as well, but I believe work has him tied up. Doh! Too bad he's gonna miss it, because, as you know, I like to do a fun target and a group competition shoot at each Appleseed, and this time I'm bringing "exploding targets". OH YEAH...PA appleseeders get to blow up! Who'd wanna miss that??! Seriously! (I promise cowdog...we won't set the farm on fire...)


Ok all, if you haven't gotten signed up, better get on it. PA's only a week away. Cowdog will be showing off his musket skills once again, so you don't want to miss this historic demonstration. Ever wondered what a 50 caliber ball and powder will do to a redcoat? Well here's your chance! Also, be sure to pack your s'mores making kit as there'll be a roaring campfire waiting on site for all those who wish to save some money and rough it. Nothing like camping out and fellowshipping with fellow Appleseeders! And who knows....Dinky might tell some camp fire that's something not to be missed!  **)

See you there!


RWVA State Coordinator