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The Appleseed forum is not like any others, see why here!
« on: August 05, 2009, 02:27:21 AM »
The Appleseed Project Forum is unlike others.  Learn why we must be different.

You have probably participated in other internet discussion forums before.  Perhaps you learned about The Appleseed Project by reading one of thousands of positive testimonials on such a forum and you decided to learn more for yourself.  Welcome! 

Hopefully you are finding what you seek.  After looking around, you may be thinking, "This is supposed to be a discussion forum.  I don't see any discussion! What gives?!"

The Appleseed forum is unlike any other.  While it uses discussion forum technology, it is not a discussion forum like most of us understand one to be.  All threads and posts on the Appleseed forum strive to "Stay on Mission".  That mission is scheduling, coordinating, implementing, and improving The Appleseed Project.  We like to refer to our forum as a "Working Forum".  As such, general discussion that does not pertain to the Appleseed Mission is discouraged.

If you have ever wandered around other discussion boards and became frustrated that there is a lot of talk, with no action or purpose, then you will find the Appleseed Forum to be a breath of fresh air.  As one Appleseed Master Instructor puts it, "Well done is better than well said."

This "Working Forum" is an avenue which allows fellow Appleseeders to gather to exchange ideas, plans, and efforts to run and improve The Appleseed Project.  It is not a place for social discussions. Rather, it is a location for like-minded, dedicated Appleseeders to use as their "office".  On this forum you will find information on how to set up and promote Appleseed Shoots, how to become an Instructor, how to better perform as an Instructor, and how to get involved in the many areas of running Appleseed - both on the firing line and behind the scenes.  It is a forum for the Workers of the program.

The area of the forum that you are in now is the informational section for folks seeking more information.  Perhaps you want to learn how to best prepare for your upcoming Appleseed.  Perhaps you discovered our name somewhere and simply want to determine what we are about and why you should attend an event.  You will find all the information you need here.  If there is a question we have not answered, please feel free to submit it by registering for the forum and you'll see areas where you can post questions.

Once your basic questions have been answered, you see the benefit our program provides the nation, and have decided you would like to volunteer as a member of the Appleseed Project, we invite you to do the following so that you may interact with other Appleseeders in your area:

1) Register for the forum (if you have not already).  Being a registered member will allow you to see a few more sections of the forum, thus giving you further detail on how to get more involved with the program.

2)  Attend an Appleseed Shoot.  This forum is intended to be a place where fellow Appleseeders can work towards achieving the Appleseed mission, and part of that is attending an Appleseed event.

For those who physically can not participate at an Appleseed, we still value your support!  We simply ask that you attend one as an observer, since we want you share in the Appleseed experience and learn what our events entail.

As you can see, if you are familiar with most other discussion forums, the Appleseed forum is quite different.  This is because the purpose and mission of The Appleseed Project is different.  While we have friendly discussions, we have important topics to discuss since the primary role of this forum is to promote and work towards achieving the mission of Appleseed.  Those who have no experience at an Appleseed Shoot, or are not at least registered for an Appleseed will not find the discussions here very interesting.

So, take a look around the forum.  Find the information you are seeking.  Ask questions that are not covered through the PM process outlined above.  We only ask that you keep them relevant to this forum and the mission of Appleseed. 

If you feel you would like to participate with Project Appleseed and contribute to its mission with your efforts and time, then please attend and event or two and ask to become a volunteer.

We look forward to getting to know you at your Appleseed event. Please introduce yourself to your Instructors if you wish to get to work making Appleseed a part of your community and to share Appleseed with your friends and neighbors.

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