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You can Ride Like Paul Revere!
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Paul Revere set up a system of alert and notification which would be the envy of even Twitter!   In less than 20 hours, his system was able to get over 14,000 men to muster, under arms to defend Liberty!  This does not include the thousands of people who helped supply, support and tended to those 14,000 men, so realistically, you can say his system spurred over 20,000 to action, more like 30,000!

Amazing as this feat was, his system was able to do this without all the bells and whistles which you and I would think about using, if we were to take on such an effort.

Sometimes that bells and whistles get in the way of completing a task.  Much like in shooting your rifle, you want to put lead on a target out to 500 yards.  You don't need accessories hanging off every corner of your rifle, lights, optics, bi-pods, etc.  You need a simple, rack grade rifle, iron sights and surplus ammo.  Sure this is not as "flashy" as a tricked out such and such, with this and that hanging off of it, increasing its worth and weight two fold, but the simple basic tool is often the easiest and most usable.

This is the case with spreading the word about Appleseed.  Too many folks want to use You-Tube, Twitter, Berry this, Berry that, mass emails, colorful flyers, power points, etc.   When all the while, the very best method is the easiest! 

Just tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Yep, just a few words from you about your experience at  your Appleseed is worth more than a stack of Berries and the dreams of viral You-Tube videos.

Simple but precise.  This is a term you will hear often here at Appleseed.  Look upon your promotional efforts for the shoots around you in this manner.  The most simple and precise (and effective) tool you have is simply speaking to people.  You're not "selling" anything, you are relating your experience.

This one simple task is one that can be easily accomplished by any person that has been to an Appleseed, in fact, even those who have not been to one yet! 

This simple task puts you in the saddle next to Paul Revere, doing the same job for Liberty, waking up thousands in a short period of time, getting them off their couches and active in their nation. 

Just a simple few words from you can be just what is needed to get those around you to be jolted out of their 21st Century American slumber, wake them and get them active in your neck of the woods, helping you, participating in the American Experiment.

Can you do this?  Absolutely, it is simple, it requires no special tools, no money, no electrons, nothing which you don't already possess and carry with you every single moment.  This is your Heart, your Mind and your experiences.  If you have signed up for an Appleseed, tell your friends and family, bring them along with you.  Once you attend an Appleseed, tell everyone who will listen about your experience.  This simple "word of mouth" method is the best "advertising" Appleseed has, and you can be the key to bringing more Americans to meet their Tradition and Heritage.

What could be easier?  So, what is keeping you from doing this?  If you look at the discomforts and sacrifices of those from 1775, it is easy to boldly speak of spreading American Traditions and Heritage at the Appleseeds in your area. 

Simple but precise.  Using the low tech tools you carry with you every day can make you are Revere Rider for Liberty, proclaiming the way to make your nation what the Founders have always wanted it to be for you.
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Re: You can Ride Like Paul Revere!
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