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Bothell, WA - AAR - 13-14 April 2024

Started by Iborche, April 16, 2024, 04:42:39 AM

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Twelve aspiring Riflemen joined us at the Wildlife Committee of Washington range on a beautiful spring weekend to learn History, Heritage, and Marksmanship! We saw many friends return from previous events who had been practicing their skills and 7th stepping which is always a great way to start an event, and even had folks join us from Oregon! On the first hits count target we had four shooters hit Daniel Morgan's shingle and Jenna made it look easy by clearing the target (a feat which she repeated three more times, clearing every single hits count target of the weekend)! No AQTs on Saturday but we learned about the sacrifices made almost to the day 249 years ago that lead to us all gathering together to celebrate the American Rifleman.

After catching up on some instruction Sunday, a total of seven shooters hit the shingle with a cold bore shot, this was over half of the line and another four shooters cleared the target! This sure got the volunteers excited for what we'd see later in the day. Our range host, Martin M., qualified on his very first AQT with a score of 212 (followed up by a 228 soon after). Returning Riflemen Dan R. and Ryan F. were not far behind, Dan also scored 212 on the first AQT and Ryan was consistently our highscore shooter of the weekend putting up a score of 230 on the first target! Later in the afternoon the Shoot Boss was challenged to an AQT and could 'only' manage 230 points, compared to Ryan's best target which scored a 234 - he earned a trip to the swag box for that. Still not quite enough for a Distinguished Rifleman patch but well within reach after a few more rounds of dry practice. Josh looked like a pro behind his rifle despite having very limited experience, and I have no doubt his highscore of 183 will jump a few dozen points by his next event. Dan D. pulled off a personal best of 198 and our undisputed hits count champion Jenna came oh so close, but a Rifleman patch remained elusive with a score of 205. Shawn, your persistence and positive attitude was an inspiration to us all.

To everyone who attended, thank you for spending your time with us on this beautiful weekend. As you go about your week take a moment to remember and honor those who have come before us and think about what you are doing to leave this world a bit better than we found it for our posterity. Hang up those targets for some dry practice (with absolutely no live ammo of any kind in the room with you) or take a friend to the range with a sighter square or two and tell them about what you learned. I look forward to seeing you on the firing line again soon.


I want to add kudos for Iborche and all the instructors and volunteers on a well-run event. I've organized and helped organize small and medium sized events, and I know how much work and thought goes into that. You all made it look easy. I came home after the first day and told my wife that even if I hadn't been interested in the history and marksmanship, I would have gotten value out of attending just to watch the way you handled the logistics and mechanics of the event itself.

And I was very interested in the history and practical lessons! Your passion and enthusiasm for both were inspiring. I came away from the weekend with a plan both to find some nearby DNR or BLM land where I can set up a target with a good backstop at 25m -- something I could have done at any point in the last year, but just ... haven't -- and to find out what research my grandmother did that got her membership in Daughters of the American Revolution. I'd like to know what my connection there is.

Seriously, outstanding job. I've basically never shot before this week and history was one of my least favorite subjects in school, and you've got me setting up space at home to practice getting into position, looking for suitable clearings in the forest, and figuring out if I can take time off to attend the living history festival out in Port Gamble this summer. I'll definitely be recommending this to the coworker who asked me to report back when I mentioned what I was doing this weekend.


My wife reminds me that what I also did immediately upon getting home from day 1 was excitedly tell her a bunch of Revolutionary War trivia I'd just learned, and then hit the library web site and download a bunch of relevant ebooks.

And I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I found the memorial volley for the 40 provincials named as killed in the "Bloody Butchery" broadside very moving. I'm bummed that I seem to have made it home without my copy, but I did find an excellent photograph from an auction at Christie's a few years ago.


Get in touch with Iborche or me and we'll get you a Bloody Butchery poster  :F


Quote from: RJL20 on April 16, 2024, 07:22:09 PMI'm bummed that I seem to have made it home without my copy, but I did find an excellent photograph from an auction at Christie's a few years ago.

PM inbound, we'll make sure you get another copy.

I enjoyed the weekend immensely. The sore muscles have almost recovered, and it looks like I need more position rifle practice. If any WCW members are interested, we have indoor smallbore position practice on the calendar every week on Tuesday from 6:30 to 9 PM. I was the only one there last night, so my bad scores weren't too apparent. This is clearly a perishable skill!


I cannot thank the instructors of this event enough. I've shot for a while but have never done any positioning or sling work and the way the instructors coached me up was impressive.

I consider myself a patriot and a history nerd and this event energized me in a way that I can't fully put into words. It's a great feeling!


Only my second Appleseed, and my first 25yd event, and I had a great time, and learned a lot! Didn't quite patch this time, but got within striking distance! Now I just need to find a local range that will let me shoot prone and seated, and practice with that sling!

Thanks for all the instructors who volunteered their time, and their hearts to instruct, teach and share their knowledge and our history. Much appreciated!!