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Charlottesville VA AS Feb 10-11, 2024

Started by OddsREven, February 06, 2024, 11:44:00 AM

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Good Morning all.

So far we have 15 shooters signed up for this shoot with a good mix of ages and skill levels.  Judy has asked for 1st strike.  What would each of you like to do this weekend?



I can do third if that's alright.   I'll plan on bringing the usual loaners as well.
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Judy is doing First Strike and Jay is doing Third Strike...  I wonder what I can do?   ::)

I'll also have my usual loaners and tools.

Hoping the weather stays calm - Feb. in Virginia is always iffy.

See you at the club - what time do you want us there?
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I plan to be there at 7:30.  I'm hoping Dale will join me and do the check-in for us.  He won't be able to help set up.

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I swear I posted yesterday morning.  I will be there. use as needed.


I have attached the syllabus for the weekend to a pm to you.  Of course, it's flexible.  I plan to be there around 07:30 and hope to bring Dale to help with registration. If it's too rainy, he won't be there (can't get his cast wet).  We need the usual loaners, equipment, etc.  There's a good chance of rain so I will bring my canopy and we have club canopies if needed. Any other canopies will be helpful I think. BTW: I have a brand new Tippmann that needs to be fired.


Excellent job and many thanks to our skilled and patient leaders and trainers for Lady Seed in Charlottesville. It was a fantastic class. I would recommend it to anyone at any skill level.



Glad you enjoyed it! It looked like everyone was having a good time the couple of times I stopped by on Sunday.

In case you didn't see the After Action Report, you can see it here...'

Hope to see you on the range again,
Bob AKA Messer
Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.