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Ohio has a new State Coordinator - Shep!

Started by ITB, December 20, 2023, 08:55:47 AM

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Please join me in congratulating Shep as the new Ohio State Coordinator.  Bruce has been an instructor for over 10 years,and his experience will be a steady hand on the rudder of Ohio.  This state has been leader for the national organization, and I'm confident that under Bruce's guidance, it will continue on that path.

Many thanks to Charley, who is stepping down after two years of service.

Moving forward, please support Bruce any way you can as he focuses on range development and retention, and instructor recruitment and development.

Stay tuned for another announcement as Bruce names his deputy SC.

Thank you, Bruce, for stepping up to take on this vital and critical role.
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Thank you to both you and Mark for your two years of service as State Coordinator.  Your leadership was marked by integrity and compassion during times that were often arduous.

Your selfless focus on investing in Ohio instructors will be your legacy.  Under your tenure, Ohio saw more new Red Hats and Shoot Bosses than in most previous years.  Your emphasis on improving KD instruction in the state was noted by shooters and instructors alike.

Few will appreciate the sacrifices, both personal and professional, you made on behalf of the Mission.  But I'm grateful for your contributions and honor.  You led by example to show the ends were as important as the means.

You were the right person at the right time for Ohio.  Thank you.

I look forward to sharing a firing line or an IBC with you again soon!  Ohio is lucky to have you as a Senior Instructor!


Welcome to the Great Lakes SC team!  Your reputation for excellent leadership and professionalism preceeds you.  Thank you for picking up a bigger bucket!

All the best.

In Liberty,
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Congratulations Shep! And Thanks for the hard work Charley!
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Shep - Welcome to the new State Coordinator club!  There have been quite a few of us in the last few months.  Just in time to do scheduling for 2024.  As we PA border raiders cross over into your area, I'm sure our paths will cross.  Congratulations!


Thanks to both Charlie and Shep. We appreciate you all. :beer:
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Huzzah! Thanks for grabbing the bigger bucket!


Charley - Hopefully our paths cross again soon. Thanks for all the hard work.

Shep - Thanks for stepping up.
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I echo Rusty's comments for both Charley and for Shep.
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Congratulations Shep!   ^:)^

Thank you instructors for your hard work, dedication and patience! It has been a pleasure working with you as State Coordinator. I know Shep will receive the same hard work and dedication to continue to keep the mission alive and well in Ohio!

Thank you to those that offered guidance and support during the last 2 years. I cannot put into words how much I appreciated it, no matter how small it may have been!

Looking forward to seeing you on the line!


Congrats, Shep!  Thanks for taking on this role!
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Congratulations Shep. I look forward to 2024 and your outstanding leadership. Thank you in advance for all that you will do and accomplish!


Congrats Shep !!! .... and thanks Charley for all the support and coordination that you offered me as I went from an IIT0 to Red Hat.
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Congratulations Shep! And thank you Charley for your hard work!
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Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. I'm looking forward to working with everyone to continue the Appleseed mission here in Ohio.

Thanks go to Charley for all her efforts.

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Ohio Piper

I appreciated the times I was able to be on a line with Charley and look forward to doing the same with Shep in 2024.  Opposite ends of the state, our paths haven't crossed yet but Appleseed has given me the opportunity to meet good people whose company I have enjoyed and Shep, no doubt, will be another among those.  To echo others, thank you, Charley for the last two years of work and here's a bright eye to the future.

Third Degree

Shep, congratulations on your new post! Thank you for stepping up to fulfill this important role. You have my full support.

Charley, thank you for your guidance and mentorship over these past few years. I look forward to possibly seeing you as a volunteer or participant at a future clinic.

Many thanks to both of you for your support of my advancement.

Third Degree


Well a big thank you to Charley for your years of service to the Ohio mission. And a big thank you to Shep for stepping up to help the Ohio mission.



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