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Daniel Morgan Video Series

Started by BluegrassColonel, October 01, 2023, 10:07:49 PM

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Americana Corner has begun a new series of videos on Daniel Morgan.  The first one is approximately 2 minutes, 39 seconds.  They will be releasing new videos in this series approximately every week.

Here is the link to the first Daniel Morgan video:

Americana Corner is a good resource for information on the War of Independence, but relatively new.

If you have not read any of the biographies on Daniel Morgan, I would urge you to do so.  His life is fascinating and he is one of the individuals who inspired the Benjamin Martin character in the Mel Gibson film "The Patriot" (the others being Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox;" Andrew Pickens; and Thomas Sumter).  The final battle in that movie is partially based on the Battle of Cowpens which is often studied in military war colleges.

The biographies will also provide you lots of material for introduction of the "Hits Count" ("Redcoat") target for 25 meter rifle events, and for "DOM / DOD" sessions.  The feats of the members of his riflemen corps are amazing, worth the read, and I sometimes mention them while 7th Stepping.

Just a few of the Daniel Morgan biographies:

Daniel Morgan Forgotten Hero
by Ronald Hamilton

Daniel Morgan: A Revolutionary Life
by Albert Louis Zambone

Daniel Morgan: An Inexplicable Hero
by James Keneth Swisher

A Good and Valuable Officer: Daniel Morgan in the Revolutionary War
by Michael Cecere

Daniel Morgan: Revolutionary Rifleman
by Don Higginbotham

Daniel Morgan, Ranger of the Revolution
by North Callahan

Daniel Morgan: Fighting Frontiersman
by Jim Gallagher

American Hannibal
by Jim Stempel

There are also books that contain narratives actually written by Daniel Morgan regarding his actions during the Battle of Cowpens:

Battle of Cowpens: Primary & Contemporary Accounts
by Morgan Daniel, Greene Nathanael, et al.

Cowpens Papers: Being Correspondence Of General Morgan And The Prominent Actors (1881)
by Daniel Morgan and Theodorus Bailey Myers

In Liberty,
Greg Seneff, Sr.
"Bluegrass Colonel"
My father didn't serve in WWII.  It wasn't for lack of trying.  He attempted to enlist 3 separate times.  The last time the doctor said he was too short.  He responded that he signed up again because he said he saw a poster that was recruiting short men to be pilots.  The doctor said, "Short, yes.  But this is ridiculous."  In my book, he's still a hero.