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Awesome Weekends for Liberty in Minnesota

Started by ProudPapa14, April 30, 2023, 09:40:24 PM

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Just got home from this weekend's Patriot's Day Weekend at Monticello Sportsmen Club.  The official AAR will be in the AAR area, but I wanted to just say I was privileged to participate in two weekends of awesomeness in Minnesota, Rochester and then Monticello.  We had great participants at both of our April events and having the opportunity to instruct and run the events was wonderful.

Thank you to the participants and volunteers who were able to make these events happen.  Along with the two ranges, both longer term supporters of the program:

Monticello Sportsmen Club - 5 years of hosting Appleseed Events
Southern Minnesota Sportsmen's Club - over 10 years of hosting events.

If you are in the areas of these two ranges, please tell them thanks.

We also still have room at both of these ranges for some of our events later this year.