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Cresco, Iowa - August 13-14, 2022

Started by Burnett, August 05, 2022, 10:38:29 PM

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Come One - Come All!
Event next weekend in Cresco, IA. All the cool kids are saying that this is going to be the single best, Hepcatest Appleseed shoot ever.
Border raiders welcome; come to Iowa and see just how cool a shoot can be.
The two red hats have been voted as among the best red hats in Appleseed the last 34 years running.
The orange hat, well, most that know him just call him Mr. Magnificent, so there's that.


Good Luck with the event Burnett.  I will be hosting an event in Monticello next weekend as well. 

Any of our MN participants or instructors, feel free to border jump.  I'm head down there this weekend to do a Pistol Clinic. 


You gonna be at Searsboro Sunday?
I'm planning on it. Was going to go to the rifle shoot tomorrow but it's supposed to be stupid freakin' hot.


Planning on it.  Picking up another pistol on the way down and will be there Sunday.