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Ohio's newest host range - October RKD !

Started by Chico, August 03, 2022, 11:50:08 PM

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On the banks of the Portage River, just 3 miles upstream of Lake Erie sits the Oak Harbor Conservation Club - Ohio's newest Appleseed host range.

This range hosted its first Appleseed in June of this year and made a HUGE first impression upon attendees, instructors, members and officers. The maximum distance of the outdoor range is 100 yards (Perfect for RKD). The fairway is approximately 40 yards wide with very well manicured grass. The club also boasts of its two (2) indoor ranges of 25 and 50 yards (potential for indoor pistol clinic AND indoor 25M Appleseed).

Anyway, the Oak Harbor Conservation Club has requested Appleseed to conduct a 100 yard Rimfire Known Distance on their range on October 22 & 23. I'm mentioning this now, as there are only twelve (12) firing points to be had. We invite those from the great state of Pennsylvania, Michiganders, Hoosiers and anywhere else to come enjoy a great weekend.

Just want to give ya'll a heads-up before the word gets out !
Oct 30/31  1st Appleseed - Gibsonburg (232)

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