Author Topic: Battle of Golden Hills, NY, NY 19 Jan 1770  (Read 94 times)

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Battle of Golden Hills, NY, NY 19 Jan 1770
« on: January 19, 2021, 01:02:23 PM »
January 19, 1770,The Battle of Golden Hill. NY Tensions boiled over and a street fight between citizens and British soldiers ensued with several injuries.
The Sons of Liberty had erected a Liberty Pole to protest British oppression. British troops had tried to destroy the pole twice and on the 18th, 3,000 citizens gathered and declared all soldiers found armed in the streets were "enemies to the peace of the city." Soldiers retaliated by posting placards ridiculing the citizens on the pole. Three soldiers were caught posting the placards and were being taken to the mayor's office when 20 more British soldiers intervened. More citizens arrived and a street fight broke out. The soldiers were forced to retreat to the east toward Golden Hill. Even more soldiers arrived. The soldiers charged the citizens with bayonets, and several were wounded. Officers arrived and ordered the troops to their barracks. Though some reports at the time said that one American was killed, historians now agree that none of the wounds were mortal.
This incident preceded the Boston Massacre, another example of the steadily increasing pressure in America before all out war came. Why is this event not as well known as the “Boston Massacre?” Is it because NY did not have a master of PR like Sam Adams or a fast engraver like Paul Revere to immortalize and propagandize the event? Unfortunately, no trial followed to give the arguments of exactly what happened.
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Re: Battle of Golden Hills, NY, NY 19 Jan 1770
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 Much is forgotten because many fail to write it down. Although not in the detail of the Boston Massacre at least it was recorded for posterity.
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