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Instructor KD in June/July

Started by Ramblin' Wreck, April 23, 2020, 09:56:14 AM

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Ramblin' Wreck

Hey y'all,
We re living in strange times. Most of our events cancelled into or thru May and now CMP and NRA high power events, including Camp Perry in July/August, have been cancelled.  I'm testing the water to see if there is any enthusiasm for an instructor-only/invitation-only event in June, or whenever the CMP range at Talladega opens up. We have a great relationship with them and I'm pretty sure they'd be glad to have some shooters for a change. The idea is that it would be two days, three if you want to come early or stay late, with minimal instruction, some great opportunities to shoot on the world's greatest range and some great camaraderie.

The COF would be standard KD opportunity to re-qual and maybe even a chance to try your .22 come-ups at longer distances or shoot pistol.  It's a blank slate. Let me know.
There is a really great campsite nearby where we have stayed before for those interested.

At this point it's just an idea. If there is enough interest we can pick a convenient date and get it on the schedule.

I'm posting this in the southern region and I know Talladega might be a long drive for most of you. If you're planning a similar event sometime in the coming months in your state please share it with us and maybe we'll drive the other way. I think spending time with like-minded folks is very important now especially if we can burn some powder in the process.

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Ramblin' Wreck
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Hey Ramblin' Wreck, I'd be extremely interested. I have an obligation June 10 to June 14, but outside that I'd be able to make a weekend shoot.

I have not shot known distance yet with Project Appleseed, but have been shooting out to 200 yards at my local range pretty consistently.



It is a long haul, but I'd really like to earn my KD and would consider CMP range
"Pro Libertate"
Known Distance,
Rimfire KD 200


I cannot make it, but as an update for anyone following this thread: