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2020 Kentucky Project Appleseed Schedule
« on: January 20, 2020, 10:21:20 AM »
2020 Schedule

Knob Creek, 25 Meter range

Apr 18-19     (Patriots Day....SOLD OUT)
Jun 13-14     (Flag Day 1776 and Army Birthday 1775))
Sep 19-20     (First Battle of Saratoga-Freemans Farm 1777)

* There is a range fee at Knob Creek: $12 age 13 and above, $6 military, $5 age 12 and below

There may be more events added later, and if so this post will be updated.

Entry fees $65/$25 see here:
Sign up here:
view neighboring states events for more opportunities


Notice - Smith & Wesson 15/22 .22LR rifles are temporarily prohibited due to safety issues. Warning with 17HRM autoloading rifles.

Are you a veteran Appleseeder? Come back again. Make your qualification an annual event! Try to improve that score or qualify with a different rifle: Marksman> Sharpshooter > Expert (Rifleman), and special recognition for Distinguished Rifleman and perfect scores of 250... consider stepping up to support our cause in America as a volunteer supporter or instructor.

What are your questions? Contact me by PM or email

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