Author Topic: F Class at 600 yards, Vets Shooting Center 6 Nov 19  (Read 62 times)

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F Class at 600 yards, Vets Shooting Center 6 Nov 19
« on: November 06, 2019, 07:47:26 PM »
What a rainy day in north central Arkansas, but seven stalwart Riflemen decided to shoot anyhow! We decided to shoot with our bolt actions with a bipod, I know, no sling?Well to that, I say it's good to broaden your skill at arms, you have to use the rifleman skills to achieve good hits at distance!

Good hits were indeed made, even in the rain! We shot from a covered line, but the wind blew in the rain in on us, but I heard no sniveling, so we kept shooting!

The F Class target, has scoring rings, half size of the High Power Service Rifle target. X ring is three inches, 10 ring is six inches, 9 is twelve, etc. 600 yards.

The owners of the range are military trained snipers, "men who have been there and done that" it's good to shoot with such men to pick up some pointers and advice when shooting precision bolt action rifles and scope use.

As usual, we invite all those, who would like to shoot with some old hand Appleseeders, men who can shoot KD, the reduced course and High Power competition, to give us a shout, we'll likely saddle up and meet you at the range!

Quinncannon, out.

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