Author Topic: Helping Out With Shoots in Las Vegas  (Read 588 times)

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Helping Out With Shoots in Las Vegas
« on: October 22, 2019, 01:59:37 AM »
I’ve just attended a shoot in Las Vegas, NV, working the line with Whangdoodle. He gets great attendance, but can find little to no help (my presence counts as a negative in the “help” category) working the line. Nevada Appleseed is in its infancy…again.

We all know that one RSO can be the difference between the minimum for safety, and being able to effectively coach. Whangdoodle is a superman, but he is just one man.

Check out the Nevada preregistration section in TIPS. If a shoot is going on in the Vegas area and is undermanned, please ask yourself if you can make some vacation time happen in Vegas, and work the shoot for the weekend.