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Sevierville, TN April 13, 2019
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:04:01 AM »
What a beautiful day to celebrate our Heritage and the skills of marksmanship.  Many thanks to Wears Valley Ranch for hosting our April 13 Patriots' Day shoot, and fixing the mud slide damage to the range.

TN Beast kicked off the history lessons with his telling of the 1st strike. After a review of safety, the eager group of shooters settled into the marksmanship training. By lunch the shooters showed great improvements in their marksmanship skills.

During lunch CorgiMom moistened quite a few eyes in the crowd with her telling of the 2nd strike. The sacrifices of April 19, 1775 hit home to a number of those listening.
At 4pm the shooters took part in the Patriots' Day Volley. CokeGuy followed up with the the telling of the 3rd strike.

Many thanks to all the shooters and instructors that made this day a success.

Congratulations to Michael for earning his rifleman patch with a solid 211 on the second AQT of the day.

Howard and Marie, it was great to see you two back on the line, working through problems one step at a time.  Dan, thanks for seventh stepping and bringing Zack with you this time. Jason, Edward and Dannielle, hope to see you again much closer to home. John and Matthew, was great seeing you guys again. Keep practicing at home and we hope to see you  at another shoot soon. Roy, it was great to have you on the line, and we'd love to see you again.
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Re: Sevierville, TN April 13, 2019
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It was a delightful honor to help instruct at this event. I was amazed that any one-day event could do justice to the Strikes and yet  completely annihilate the dreaded “Time Monkey”! Thank you Cleveland for all your organization. Thank you CokeGuy for establishing a venue as fun and spiritually  uplifting as Wears Valley Ranch. Thanks to the excellent IITs for their dedication. Thanks to my fellow Red Hats who teach me so much. Thanks to the eager students who were universally great to work with.
And thanks to Fred and the founders of RWVA for providing this opportunity to help our Republic.
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Re: Sevierville, TN April 13, 2019
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Wears Valley Ranch holds a special place in my heart.  I feel privileged to get to teach there.  Many thanks go out to those that came out for this Patriots' Day celebration (at least 4 states were represented).  Congratulations to Michael on earning his Rifleman patch.  I took a few pictures, but my battery ran down before the event was over.  The picture of me was courtesy of Black Knight.   
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