Author Topic: Eagle Creek 2017 Known Distance  (Read 407 times)

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Eagle Creek 2017 Known Distance
« on: September 30, 2016, 02:11:21 PM »
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club will once again be hosting 2 Known Distance events in 2017. We will do a 2-day event March 10 & 11 - yes, those dates are correct. Friday and Saturday. Traditionally we have been limited to 200 yards on Saturday and then we have the full long range on Sunday. By going to a Friday/Saturday event - we can have the full long range both days  ^:)^ so... bring your snorkel (it is the PNW in March), a center fire rifle and your data book.

I expect 2 Full Distance AQT's on Friday. 2 more on Saturday with some additional rounds going from the 500 and 600 yard lines.

Registration is open now:

We will also be doing our Thursday AQT Qualification day Thursday July 13th. There is no formal instruction at this event. We simply shoot 3 full distance AQT's (plus of course one cold bore shot at an 8" gong from 250 yards)  :pop:

See you on the line  ..:..