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Appleseed Rifle Jan 16-17, June 25-26 & Oct 22-23 Pittsburg, KS
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:07:11 AM »
Bone Creek Gun Club is hosting Appleseed rifle clinics a few times in 2016.

January 16-17, June 25-26 and October 22-23 are the dates.  Here's online registration for all three.

Adults 18 & older pay $60, 17 & under pay $20 and LEO's, all military and elected officials shoot free.

Appleseed is old school precision rifle shooting with an emphasis on using proper stable positions (standing, kneeling, sitting and prone without a bipod or rest) and a sling to enhance stability.  You'll also hear stories of Revolutionary War heroes and events you didn't learn in school!

Who can shoot - Anyone who can safely handle a rifle.  To score Rifleman will require exceptional shooting but even a less experienced shooter will learn skills that will allow them to improve quickly.

Think you're too good to benefit from Appleseed?  Take a 1" square at 25 yards or a 4" square at 100 yards and try to put 5 rounds into it. 
That's the Rifleman standard of 4 minutes of angle.  Be sure to do it prone without a bipod or rest of any kind.  If you can do it come shoot then sign up as an instructor.  We can always use more skilled shooters behind the firing line!

Here are some helpful links.

Online registration

Map to range

Lodging options

Instructor sign up - If you're an instructor we'd love to have your help!
(You must be logged into the forum as an instructor to use this link)

How to prepare for Appleseed

Appleseed website

Shooting is done on miniature targets at 25 yards that represent shots of 100 - 400 yards. Any kind of rifle is welcome but semi-autos with peep sights or scopes and removable magazines work best.

The short distance makes rimfires like Ruger's 10/22 an excellent training rifle.
Centerfire rifles like the AR, M14, FAL, etc. are welcome if you can afford to feed them!
There may be a chance to shoot to 200 yards on the second day if you shoot centerfire.

Hope you can make it!