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Changing Roles in Minnesota

Started by ColonialIron, August 03, 2015, 03:08:08 PM

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Good day all,

After speaking with a couple of mentors as well as seeing reality in my family's situation (due to a very high work load at Mother Mayo), I have decided I must make a few changes in my life in order to maintain sanity and to be a good husband and father. 

Effective immediately I will be turning over the SC reigns to Libertysgirl.  Libertysgirl has the heart of a tiger and the will and drive necessary to propel Minnesota's program forward. 

Thank you and congratulations to Libertysgirl for becoming the first lady SC of Minnesota!  -- now with Marta as ASC, we have a pretty good representation of women in Minnesota's leadership team.

As for me, I will continue being connected to Appleseed, but in a lessor way than I was last winter and spring.  I will continue the LS side of the fence and perform as SC for LS until otherwise called upon. 

Once I get my job/family items back under control, I intend to serve the mission in the way our forefathers intended.   I will run for State Senate. 

Thank you,
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Colonial Iron, Thank you for your service and the extraordinary work you've done.

Libertysgirl, Thank you for stepping up to serve as SC for MN. Any help we can give you, just reach out. Best of luck to you!
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I am excited to walk in the footsteps of those large shoes that have blazed the trail ahead of me. I also am excited to get to know the MN Appleseed family. Let's work together to make APPLESEED MN even more awesome than it already is.
Colonialiron, thank you for the faith and trust that I will do a good job for MN.


Good luck on all you do, thanks for your huge effort here  :bow:  and good luck with the Senate seat! :---
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Quote from: ColonialIron on August 03, 2015, 03:08:08 PM
I will run for State Senate. 

Thank you for all you have done Shawn.  :bow:

Congratulations to Libertysgirl and Marta.  O0

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Thank you for all your hard work :bow: and congrats to Libertysgirl O0! See you on the trail... BeSwift
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And they say lightening doesn't strike twice.

The way I see it, the odds of you being able to honorably release the SC position are one in a million.
And finding someone in whom you can, in great confidence, rely upon to not only accept the challenge, but bring MN Appleseed to new levels - is just about impossible.

Thank you Shawn, for your work done, and thank you Sheri for stepping up.
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Shawn, Can't even tell you how much I admire someone who puts family first! We will miss you in the SC role, but look forward to seeing you on the Senate floor someday soon. 
Sheri, Looking forward to working with you - :-)
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Green Machine

Shawn and Sheri, I just met you both this year and am glad I did.  Good luck with your family/job Shawn.  Thank you Sheri for stepping up and looking forward to seeing you at future Appleseeds.