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I didn't see this over here, unless there is a sub board I do not have access to.

From the Michigan state board.

We have a youth opportunity coming up in a couple of weeks in Michigan City, IN.  The Michigan City Rifle Club is holding their second annual Youth Shooters Camp June 23-27th, and they have decided to give Appleseed a full day to instruct.  On Thursday, June 26th, we will be holding a one-day clinic for 40 youth ages 5th grade through 12th grade.

Anyone who is available mid-week is welcome to come help instruct.  Camping is available for those who choose to come in Wednesday night.  We are also in need of loaner equipment.  The club is trying to provide rifles and ammo for the kids but their budget is tight.  The club owns 11 rifles, and has a limited stock of ammo from an NRA grant they are providing for the kids.  To help them, we need to scare up as many loaner rifles as we can, plus if anyone has some donated ammo earmarked for youth we could use that too.  This isn't the first time Appleseed has had to equip a bunch of youth, so I'm confident we can make this happen!

This club is passionate and motivated to bring the shooting sports to a new generation, and it's our chance to get our foot in the door at a range that's considering bringing AS on board and actually doing their bit to promote us if they like what they see at the youth camp.

This is a short-notice thing that sprouted from NRAcon, thanks to contacts from Rayne and Hawkhavn.  I only got to meet with club officers today, so I don't have instructor signups online yet.  Please send me a PM if you are able to help either as an instructor or if you have any loaner gear we can use.

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Re: Michigan City, Indiana Youth Camp - One Day - Midweek - June 26
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2014, 10:18:17 PM »
For you Northerners:  I'm coming up on zero hour and still could use some instructing help.  It's not often that we get a midweek shoot, and if anyone out there has a work schedule like mine, some weekdays are better than weekends.  I'm going to SB, and Auntiebellum and Wild Deuce will be instructing, so if you have a day off and want to work with some talented and experienced instructors (namely AB and WD), let me know.  Here's what I've posted in the other states' threads:

Rough count says there's 20 loaners lined up.  Need 9 more, will contact the club to see if the members can break open their personal safes for the cause.  Will need 11 slings to zip tie to the club rifles, I have a few but if any of the loaner-donors have an extra sling they can send too that would be helpful.  I apparently need to keep some extra ammo on hand for the Lake Village shoot, so one last call to see if there's any more donated ammo lying around...?

Thanks to everyone who's chipping in so far.  I could still use some instructing help, or if you've donated rifles and want to work the Lake Village shoot on the weekend when you pick your gear back up you're welcome to spend Saturday night on my couch. @)
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