Author Topic: Bonfield IL July 19-20 Appleseed - SOLD OUT, need lotsa help!  (Read 351 times)

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Illinois Appleseeders, need your help at Bonfield IL July 19-20! 

The event is SOLD OUT (half are kids, 3/5 are first timers!)

and red-hat Yogi, blue-hat Ratboy, & shootboss Steck are seriously outnumbered. 

Can I have you sign up soon at this beautiful range?
(Covered firing line, mature trees, FLUSH TOILETS/SHOWERS onsite etc.) 
Southwest of Chicago, west of Kankakee.   

If you can't do both days, can you do one day?
If you're an IIT, would you like to do a PC/Promotion?

Reply here, or PM Steck on the forum for any questions, thanks!
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