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TechSights, anyone?

Started by gmw, April 30, 2014, 02:34:11 AM

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Hi folks, any interest in putting together a TechSights order?  I have access to dealer pricing, and would be doing this at cost for SE MN Appleseeders.  There's a minimum order of six sets, though; I'm looking for three more to round out an order.  Individual parts can be piggybacked on the order as well, but don't count toward the minimum.  (I'd lost a screw off a front sight because I didn't Loctite it down [oops]--and made sure to secure the replacement.)

The newer rail-mounted rear sight for the 10/22 looks pretty neat.  I'm looking at picking one of those at to check it out.



I can take another set. Put me down for 1.
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