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Moving the message forward - Week of 7 Apr

Started by ColonialIron, April 12, 2014, 12:28:35 AM

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Good week all,

I thought I would give you a heads up on a few things that happened this past week:   Sorry I missed the last one.  Work had me on midnight shifts for 3 days as we brought up the Red Wing hospital into Mayo. 


Austin has official dates
Wells has official dates
Granada has official dates
Many 1 day shoots are setup next Saturday - lets get some shooters!

New Ranges with EIP and HostApp (done or in progress):

The good folks at Waseca have asked to have a shoot.  This is great timing as a couple of us are going promo stomping in Mankato in 2 weeks. 


First Libertyseed of the year for MN delivered:

We have the next one locked in for 23 April at the Blooming Prairie Schools. 

3 more are in discussion attempting to lock in times. 


Cabelas has confirmed the USSA event on 3 May (Saturday) and have asked us to run the BB booth for kids at Rogers and Owatonna.  More details:

USSA also setup an event on 17 May that is expected to have ~200 kids actively shooting at the BB booth.  Details here:

What else happened last week / is about to go on?   ;D  ^:)^
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