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Moving the message forward - Week of 17 March

Started by ColonialIron, March 23, 2014, 11:23:05 PM

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Good week all,

I thought I would give you a heads up on a few things that happened this past week:   


IBC!  Aftermath's led an IBC with ~12 of us.  Thank you AFTERMATH for again coming all the way down to the south side of MN to teach us!  Even though I could only attend Saturday, I am grateful to have been able to have a solid refresher and new teaching aids.  I highly suggest getting to an IBC if you can. 

New Ranges with EIP and HostApp (done or in progress):

Wells and Granada have dates.   Look for them this week.  I expect to have a final set of dates (2 shoots) for Austin this week as well. 


The "Proposal for Library Programming Partnership" has been submitted to Rochester, Mankato, and Owatonna public libraries.  No response so far.  Waiting to hear back.  I (or a new blue hat) am contacting them this week. 

Additionally, I was approached by the Catholic school in Blooming Prairie this week.  They would like a Libertyseed for their 3,4, and 5th grade students.  It is a small school, so I don't know how many kids that is.  Details to follow. 


Cabelas has confirmed the USSA event on 3 May (Saturday) and have asked us to run the BB booth for kids at Rogers and Owatonna.  More details:

We will be attending the "Big Sportsman" event in Dodge Center on Friday night.  They are giving me 20 minutes to speak to ~300 people about AS.  My family is accompanying me on the journey.

Fred contacted me this week and asked me to take part in a promotions team for national.  Details to follow. 

FreedomV and I made an appearance at the Pine Island Sporting club annual banquet.  This gave us several ideas for next year. 

What else happened last week / is about to go on?   ;D  ^:)^

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