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Help out our neighbors?

Started by The Wolfhound, March 05, 2014, 11:59:29 PM

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The Wolfhound

West Virginia needs a little help.  Martinsburg is not that far away for some of us.

Repost from West Virginia page:
Hi my name is Rayne and I'm helping PainKiller with the LibertySeed webmail inquires.  We have an exciting opportunity to do a LibertySeed for the Founding Fathers Pancake Breakfast that is in conjunction with the annual Martinsburg Heritage Day Celebration on May 10, 2014.  Last year they had over 125 people in attendance for their speaker;s program.  This pancake breakfast and our host will be Boy Scout Troop 25 in Martinsburg WV.  We have come highly recommended by one of the assistant scout leaders who has attended an Appleseed before. 

Please contact me via PM with your email address and I will forward their request and contact information to you. 


Already signed up and will be doing the event. Must be a breakdown in comms that this was posted on the forums...  BeSwift
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