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So after getting really excited about Appleseed (I've put aperture/ghost ring iron sights on all my rifles (in one case replacing a $1200 leupold :-) and bought a 10/22 carbine and built an LTR and shot a 220 (unwitnessed :-)) and trying to bring a bunch of people to Piru's July 4-6 event, I've also been busy with the following:

Please don't discuss on this board, unless Fred and Bob approve, but I have to start putting the word out on this somewhere so I'll start here. I'm also going to plague my Ron Paul contacts, libertarian, free staters, etc., but this is really just a Californian thing.

If you can forward the links to people who might be interested feel free. Also this is very early in the process so I'm still open for suggestions/improvements/criticisms, etc.



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People are so well trained on this forum. I know I said don't discuss it unless Bob or Fred approve but I meant don't flood not total silence....

Ah well. I've started poking a few places, where I'm glad to say I got responses, if only nay sayers...
The first was so if anyone wants to help me out over there...


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Well, I'm curious who Bob is.

Seems someone else might have replied, just to welcome you, if nothing else.

The idea here is to talk about the work needed to promote the Applesed Project.

The belief is as more and more folks come into the Project there will be more and more folks with changed beliefs and priorities and the things you are advocating and working for will be springing up and moving forward all across the country.

All it takes is enough folks believing in it and working towards it.  Another belief is that spreading around the focus now will just slow things down now, at the beginning.

Have a good one and since it looks like you live in California how about contacting some of the California folks and get more involved in Appleseed by becoming and instructor.  The way the program is growing more instructors will mean more folks to teach at more Appleseeds.

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Hey V,

I have been talking to people.

Wow a 220? Great job, if you can do it unwitnessed you can do it at the AS, maybe even the next one at Piru. You sure were better off at the last Appleseed (July 4-6) than you were on May 31. I know that is how it worked for me too.

Keep up your good works, for Appleseed and your other thing you have going.  ;)

We hope to see you and your son Andrew at another Appleseed. Bring the wife too, for the rest of 2008 ladies shoot free. That has to be a great incentive.  ;D


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