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instructors/IITs only--bulk sling order, who is interested ?

Started by Kosciusko, August 07, 2012, 01:36:46 PM

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posting this to the MN, IA, WI boards, as many of you have gotten slings from me before

I sell these to instructors/IITs    at my cost  $9

at a shoot , the slings go for $12

I'm doing another order from CJW, which requires me to get a minimum quantity of 100 slings, that's over $1000 invested in each order

I know the cmp has used slings , but  these are brand new, modern manufacture usgi 1-1/4 inch, parkerized hardware

cost is $9 per sling


light OD nylon - for all those Appleseeds held in the jungle

standard  OD cottton  - the old standby

black cotton -  they're  Takti-Kool !!     -  actually, they do look pretty sharp on an AR-15

in addition, I can order spare hardware

H-buckles   $1

keepers       $2.50

snap clips, I believe they are also called J-hooks   $2.50

once I get them in, I'll get them to you the cheapest way possible

If you're willing to wait until we can pass them hand to hand, no charge for shipping, otherwise, I think Priority Mail will be the way to go.   

You pay only actual shipping cost.

PM Kosciusko w/ description and quantity for each, make the subject line:

2012-1   -sling order - your state - your forum name

be sure to include shipping

I'll send the order in on Friday 8/17/12