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John Addams Luncheon in Pittsburgh
« on: May 03, 2012, 10:38:00 PM »
Grove City College frequently does American Founders Lunches.  They also have a good program in April and A Ronnie Ray-Gun lecture on his birthday every year.  If you can make it I highly recommend it.


Who: You, your friends, Founder John Adams, and Gillis Harp, Ph.D.
 What: American Founders Luncheon ($17.76)
 Where: Pittsburgh's Rivers Club
 When: Tuesday, June 5, from Noon - 12:50 (registration begins at 11:40 a.m.)
 Why: Lunch, Learn and Network
The self-effacing John Adams certainly would have been surprised to see the best-selling biographies and television miniseries about him that have appeared since the 1990s. Would he be equally as surprised by some elements of the modern conservative movement? Join us at the next American Founders Luncheon on June 5 at Pittsburgh's Rivers Club to find out. Grove City College historian Dr. Gillis Harp will shed some light on what Adams thought about America's place in the world and whether he believed there is a special Providence for our country. Join us for lunch on June 5, 2012, for $17.76 at Pittsburgh's Rivers Club and please forward this message to your friends. Register here or contact Mrs. Brenda Vinton at or 724.450.1541. The American Founders Luncheon Series is a project of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College.

Last evening, it occurred to me that when a defender of Liberty is called home, their load lands upon the shoulders of the defenders left behind. Just as the Founders did their duty for Liberty, every subsequent generation must continue their work lest Liberty perish. As there is no way for the remaining adults to take on the work of those that die, we must pass the ideals and duties on to the children. -PHenery