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Minnesota Instructors, please read.

Started by AFTERMATH, February 03, 2012, 08:49:19 PM

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To all FloridaMinnesota Instructors-

As you are probably aware, beginning in October of 2011, Appleseed began working on some new forum software to assist in some of the administrative aspects of running Appleseed.  Part of this required that you, as an Appleseed instructor, participate in what will become an annual Roll Call. 

If you did not participate in this Roll Call, you will now notice that your forum privileges have been curtailed.  If you feel this was done in error, you have but one option- contact me directly, and explain why you missed the Roll Call. 

My contact information:

Alexander "AFTERMATH" Thompson
FloridaMN Asst. State Coordinator
Phone: Evenings - 763-742-5391

As we move forward into 2012, many administrative tasks that were once completed by many volunteers, such as instructor scheduling, will become automated.  Your full participation in the Roll Call procedure will help in this effort. 

Thank you for your understanding,

And thanks to ItsanSKS, for saving me some time typing!
-Let's be realistic here, it's saving you some reading time too.  No way I could keep this short and sweet. 

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