Author Topic: Volunteers need Indy East for RWVA Booth....  (Read 327 times)

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Volunteers need Indy East for RWVA Booth....
« on: September 06, 2011, 11:29:59 AM »
Volunteers needed Indy East for RWVA Booth....

Flyers/ tri-folds will be provided, anyone with folding tables or sunshades, that would be helpful, as of right now we have nobody signed up to sit the both and tell the world about the wonderful progress Appleseed is making! Sit full day or part day.

Post in this thread or PM me if interested. Further info below.

Thanks RNM

The Swap Meet - Saturday, September 17th

Date: Sept 17th, 2011
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Greenfield - 3222 West Sunrise Drive N, 46140
Entry fee: $2, plus free parking. (no entry fee for RWVA)

Bring and swap all your unused firearms, ammunition, and reloading supplies with members of the Indiana shooting sports community.

Have a bunch of ammo in calibers you don't own? Wish you'd bought a different rifle for hunting season this year? Getting out of reloading a particular caliber and have a bunch of used reloading stuff? Bring it all !

This is going to be an informal, low key event for the buying, selling, and trading of everything firearms related. It's also a get together for all of us, giving us a chance to meet, greet, trade, swap, sell, talk and get to know one another. This is a BYOB, food, and beverage event. RSVP below, but please know you're welcome to attend even if you don't RSVP.

There will be a fire pit, plenty of open space, cooking, and (hopefully) general camaraderie amongst the guests. This is a neutral event. Any entrepreneurs are welcome to set up, but as per the request of the property owner, there may be no 4473 firearms sales at this event. Anyone is welcome to come and sell food and NA beverages. Pricing is at your discretion.

If you have particular items you want to trade, post them in the classifieds and make arrangements to meet at the SWAP MEET !

The Rules:
1) CC / OC is permitted on site
2) All firearms that are for sale must be zip tied or flagged. These will be
available at the check-in station.
3) Smoking is allowed in the fire pit area
4) No alcohol while carrying
5) Although we've been invited to stay and meet & greet past the 5pm event ending, everyone must leave by 8:00pm. No camping allowed.
6) No pets
7) No discharging of firearms

Thanks to Redneckmedic for inviting us to use his property.


Profire Arms & Supply will be there selling brass and other reloading supplies. I'll also have a calendar of upcoming reloading classes available for sign-up.

Bobcat Steel will be there with steel for sale.

BFG Cartridges will be there with Reloading supplies, components, etc.

Mandy's Burger Stand will be there with burgers and chicken.

Other venders have been PM'ed and will be listed accordingly. If you're a vendor interested in attending, please let me know.

Volunteers needed: (please PM me if you can help)

Porta-potty Delivery (one needed)
Door / Entry Station
Firearms Check Station
Anyone with tables for use
Anyone with sun shelters