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IBC - Bowler, WI this weekend!

Started by AFTERMATH, August 29, 2011, 08:48:04 PM

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Hey MN instructors!  Here's a border raidin' opportunity for ya!  Dont cha no!

Brusth up on your fabulous IT skills, new OH's get an opportunity for accelerated advancement.... 
Oh, and I almost forgot:  KD - or as they say - ND - Nown distance!
That's right!  Sounds like they're gonna be shootin' some full distance AQT's!
Haven't shot one yet?  Why not?  Here's your opportunity! 

Well what about Winona? 
Eh, Winona ought to take care of herself!  There are more than enough instructors on the schedule!

Who can attend?  Well, it's an IBC - Instructor Boot Camp.
So, I guess that means: Green Hats, Red Hats, Orange Hats, and I'd guess they'd probably even let a few Blue Hats slip in there.   ^-^

Riflemen - if this sounds like fun; well you'd be right!  Unfortunately, you've gotta be an instructor to partake in opportunities like this. >:D 
Hmmm....  Why haven't you become an Instructor yet, anyway? 

Anyway; info is here:

I'm gonna go ahead and volunteer 'dragonfly' or 'JoeZ' to address any questions.
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