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AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
« on: June 13, 2011, 12:17:17 PM »
With Colycat's permission I'll start the AAR as I have the time behind a desk this morning. I will leave it to him to provide the full details when he can.

It was a great Appleseed weekend in Racine, WI. We had about 19 shooters on the line Saturday. It was overcast and a bit windy, with normal temperatures for northern Wisconsin this time of year. Problem was this is southern Wisconsin. Sweatshirts and jackets were the rule of the day. The shooters got along fine. We opened up with Red Coat and got right at it.

The staff was Colycat, Endpoint, George63, Keystone, TriggerNick, and myself. For my first shoot in Wisconsin this was a great group to work with. The shooters were eager and kept us jumping. We had a few AR's on the line, otherwise it was mostly 22s. We built up shooting positions and worked through the kinks with individuals' rifles.

A special treat was a family of four who were brand new to shooting. Personally it is always a treat to work with young people who have never fired a shot before. It was an honor to work with them.

This family knows what they are about!

First and second strikes were covered during lunch and we got right back at it.

The day ended with a few AQTs, Third Strike, and Benediction. Sadly several shooters could not return for Sunday due to family commitments. A special note was Serge. He fired a 176 on the AQT with a bolt gun and five round magazine. Not bad for the first time out. Keep at Serge. Get a few extra magazines and come on back.

Nine shooters were on the line Sunday. Keystone stayed home Sunday, but Infidel joined took his place on the Instructor crew. We confirmed zero and got right into the AQT grind. The first Rifleman of the day came just before lunch with a score of 222. Hohha Dave!

After lunch we got back into it with a team shoot ala Guy style. Couches and Televisions were perforated  to the extreme. Team Two thought they had it cold with a M1A on their side. Surprise, Team One had two Riflemen. The 22s took the day! Way to go Dave, Bruce and Patrick.

That's right, they and had two Riflemen. Bruce soon earned his patch with a score of 212. A special note here. Bruce was a one day shooter. He had a good group in the morning, but then the reticle on his scope broke. He shot Rifleman with crooked cross hairs.  ???

We did a couple of Rapid Fire AQTs later in the afternoon. Personally this was the first time I ever did a Rapid AQT. It was fun and a great confidence builder. The next Rifleman soon showed himself with a 211. Great job Jason!

The day finished up and it was time to go. We left a lot shooters knocking on the door to Rifleman. A special thanks from me to all the shooters and staff for making me feel at home in Wisconsin. It was a great weekend.

Is the line ready?

Happiness is a 14 on the line...

Future Rifleladies...

Checking the math. Go Cubs GO!

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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
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Awesome job with this AAR, Ewald.  Much better than I can do O0

Here is the group picture from Saturday.  Thanks to every one who attended O0

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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
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Wow -- is that frost on the ground?
Global warming aside  ::) does this qualify as a winterseed ?  ;D

Way to go Wisconsin  :)
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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2011, 06:56:29 PM »
Wow -- is that frost on the ground?
Global warming aside  ::) does this qualify as a winterseed ?  ;D

Way to go Wisconsin  :)

sunday was the most ideal weather I have seen at an event

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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
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Thanks for a great Report Ewald, it was a pleasure to have your enthusiasm in Wisconsin.  You're welcome back ANY time!
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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
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Thanks for the great report Ewald (and all your help on the line too).

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Re: AAR Racine, WI 6/11-12/11
« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2011, 05:47:47 PM »
We are the family of four new to shooting. Thanks for all of your assistance and loan of equipment, we had a great time. We all slept well that night.  :)  I especially appreciate your patience with me (Michele), I had worked a double shift the night before and was not in best condition for this event.  We will definitely be back.