Author Topic: FREEDOM ALERT !!! Illinois Bill HB3500 - Fire Arm Owners ID Bill Vote Imminent  (Read 322 times)

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And all the police and all the owners and everything they own will be published in the media. Fire arms are personal property!
Personal property is the business of no one else. What I have for a light bulb or sofa is no one's business.  But to make public
what I own is an act of extreme invasion of perosnal  privacy. NExt thing they will demand camera's in your house to watch you.
This is the most egrigious violation of rights. No one can be safe.


HB3500 - FOID ' Fire Arms Owners Identification 'Bill Vote Imminent

HB3500 will come before the Executive Committee at anytime.  This bill is amended to be an exception for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, in order to keep firearms ownership information private.  Under this bill, information about those who have applied for or received a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) shall not be disclosed unless it is necessary as part of a criminal investigation. 

This bill is needed since the Illinois Attorney General's office decided that FOID holder data is public information that cannot be withheld from a FOIA request, in this case one that was filed by the Associate Press.  The Illinois State Police has long held that this is private information since the implementation of the FOID Act began over 40 years ago.

We could see a vote at any time, so please call members of the Senate Executive Committee at once to express your wish to keep your FOID information private!

Senate Executive Committee

Chairperson :    Senator Don Harmon (D)
(217) 782-8176

Vice-Chairperson :    Senator Ira I. Silverstein (D)
(217) 782-5500

Member:    Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr. (D)
(217) 782-5399

Member:    Senator M. Maggie Crotty (D)
(217) 782-9595

Member:    Senator John J. Cullerton (D)
(217) 782-2728

Member:    Senator Kimberly A. Lightford (D)
(217) 782-8505

Member:    Senator Antonio Munoz (D)
(217) 782-9415

Member:    Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg (D)
(217) 782-2119

Member:    Senator Donne E. Trotter (D)
(217) 782-3201

Minority Spokesperson:    Senator Dale A. Righter (R)
(217) 782-6674

Member:    Senator Bill Brady (R) (a good man)
(217) 782-6216

Member:    Senator John O. Jones (R)
(217) 782-0471

Member:    Senator David S. Luechtefeld (R)
(217) 782-8137

Member:    Senator Matt Murphy (R)
(217) 782-4471

Member:    Senator Christine Radogno (R)
(217) 782-9407

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