Author Topic: Attention All Northern Aggressors!  (Read 400 times)

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Attention All Northern Aggressors!
« on: May 12, 2011, 10:57:41 PM »
Having thrown down a challenge to our Southern "patriots" to step up and prove the folly of another Northern Invasion, they have responded with... nothing.  Nada.  Not event a muscle twitch.  It appears that our Southern Compatriots are no such thing, but rather a bunch of Dufus Americanii without backbones or the capability of rising from the couch!! That clearly indicates that the TRUE Patriots of the North have not only an opportunity, but a DUTY to take back the lands claimed by the apathetic, ignorant and lazy defeated miscreants that should have been exported after their last complete and utter failure to successfully defend State's Rights and personal Liberties.

They are once again asleep at the switch, and it is the responsibility of the true defenders of our Nation to remove the incompetent from their positions of power.

I was surprised initially at their negligence, but after further review of historical records, it appears that most of them are blowhards without substance or revisionists without any factual knowledge of their glaring inadequacies.  Perhaps there are a few Appleseeders among them that might possibly know what they are about, but it certainly doesn't look like that is the case from the registration links...

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Re: Attention All Northern Aggressors!
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