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A Team Work Message For Appleseed ~ By The Blue Angles~
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:19:36 PM »
There are two great movies well worth watching as a mind setting prelude to attending the all important History Boot Camp
and getting in to the full swing of 2011-Appleseed Heritage and Marksmanship Events where the rebirth of Marksmanship
and American Heritage can be fully experienced because of instructors who want to make a difference in our nation.

You will be primed for the rest of your Appleseed Service possesed of a much greater sense of personal excellence for having attended.
I have no doubt.  The examples of a college of great Appleseed teachers who strive to make us better as instructors to fulfill our mission
for this nation will be present. 

There will much to be learned and the corps of attending instructors from across  our Appleseed nation will make each one of us stronger
through their insights and participation.  I hope no one misses this wonderful opportunity.
There is much to be gained and much to be lost by attending or not attending. I know how hard the effort of behind the scenes effort has
been made and I am excited.
This is going to be a most special event for all of Appleseed, not just Illinois!   I hope and pray to see everyone that can make it be there.

In keeping with my sentiments I leave you the following movies for your edification: take what you want and/or leave the rest :
As the guy once said  we want to become not teachers of history but rather PREACHERS of history.

Best regards,

Castle Mountain

A Team Work Message For Appleseed By The Blue Angles


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