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April 2/3 KD

Started by sparks1, March 23, 2011, 09:21:03 PM

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At the IBC there was talk of some KD close to the IBC site. Is this a definitely going to happen?
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The Truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great accomplishment. 
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I'm going to say "no" to anything like an official KD event. FreddomV and I went and looked it over last week. We're not sure how it'll all work out yet. The fields were extremely muddy and we hoped they would dry up some, but with all the rain we had, and now snow on the ground, it doesn't look good. If we do anything it'll be a very informal afternoon of shooting by a few locals to see how this spot will work and what we can get as far as yardage and safe backstops. The downside to this place is it's a working farm and even if it proves to be successful, shooting can only be done before crops are in and after the corn is picked in the fall.

Still looking for someone with about 80 acres in a deadend valley.  :)


Blue Five

It'd be fun to get out there..not to far of drive from La Crosse  ;D
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Mol┼Źn labe! :--- 


Just wondering...I thought the mud would be a factor. That plus the working farm issue. Oh well...just checking.

Thanks Mike
Integrity is easier to keep, than to regain.

The Truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great accomplishment. 
(John Maxwell)


Any Rifleman or IIT or Above who RSVP's and would like to get together for KD practice April 2--
This Saturday.  Bring what you want to practice and a lunch.

From I90 west: Directions to Ridgeway:

Hwy 90 E. Exit 257 at Hwy 76  (Houston/Ridgeway). Left at stop sign (hwy 76). Under freeway. Right at stop sign county road 12. Right in town on county rd 11. Over 90. First Right on Groth Drive (gravel road). Go to end 3/4 mi., you are there.

From I90 East: Exit 266 at Nodine Left and then Right at the truck stop and follow left side county road 104 to the overpass - go straight down 3/4 Mi. gravel Groth Drive.

Planned start 9-9:30am after range set up.

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 !@#)  :wb:!@#)  :wb:!@#)

:wb: :wb: :wb:I can't swing it this time... :wb: :wb: :wb:

Have fun all!
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Down to one vehicle for the weekend and Ms. Pam needs mine for work.

Not going to make this one either...thanks, have a blast.
Integrity is easier to keep, than to regain.

The Truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great accomplishment. 
(John Maxwell)

Puma Mami

I hope it was fun :)

My husband is interested in shooting some KD with his .308 (once he makes rifleman). Are you going to do it again sometime?
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Five Riflemen had a good time and I relearned some lessons:
1. if at all possible- set up range/ targets the evening/day before. - Always takes more time than you think it will.
2. only all wheel drive and "4wheelers" in the field. Others will find the soft spots and get stuck.
3. windage on the ridge at 3 & 400 yards will take more/better calculation for consistency.
4. Springtime- new batteries in hearing protection.
We will have another KD practice in the fall- October when the corn is out.
"MN State Appleseed" hopes to have 2-3 official KD Shoots a year starting 2012/ ASAP.   All of us need to be looking for possible full distance ranges.  LaCrosse WI has a great range that we are hoping to be invited to- we may be able to help put together a TriState KD shoot there. -- But we need more locations.
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