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Cabelas spring expo

Started by sparks1, January 19, 2011, 06:49:35 PM

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Hi guys and gals...I stopped by Cabelas last week looking for some scope rings and got the event coordinators name and number. Left him a message to see if we (AS) could have a table at one of their events. NY got me thinking of it, as they did NRA days last week. Cabelas being a national sporting goods company and wanting us at an expo is a good thing. One other table mentioned is the Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation.

He called me today and wants us to come March 19th and 20th for their spring hunting expo. This is in Rogers Mn. Now I know we are going to be at the Coliseum gun show that same weekend...BUT Cabelas has alot of family walk through traffic and I think this could be another promotion that would be great for Mn. AS. The gun show will bring in some interest and I think the exposure would draw some families. At least expose more people to AS.

So you think we can staff both events??? With all the folks involved here I think its gonna be easy to do both. AND get more exposure to Appleseed.

I am to get back to the man for this and will deliver some printed material for his perusal. I gave him the RWVA website today, for him to get an idea.

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Well, heck!  I see no reason as to why we cannot do both!
One day at the show, one day at the expo!  Creates a bit of variety!
Not only do they have a greater family pressence; they attract a wider spectrum of persons.
People who may not necessarily be 'gun-folk' but rather the adventurous outdoors types!

Plus they've often got a great view!  :cool2:

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I'm good to go with it!