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Rainbow Shoot (Escondido area) January 15-16, 2011.
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Get up off that couch!!! Put down that Wii controller!!! Lay off the X-box 360 for a day or two!!!!

Come on out!!! Be a true American!!!

You all will have a chance to prove your marksmanship  ability against the dreaded AQT, to show mastery of not only your rifle, but also your self!  A chance to hear of the choices and sacrifices the men and women of America made on April 19, 1775 in response to a confiscatory British army.  A chance to again discover your inner Patriot, and to celebrate together with fellow Americans in one of your oldest rights!

You say you've never shot a rifle before? That's one of the things we teach; safe, correct, & efficient operation of your rifle.

You say it's been awhile since your rifle has been out to the range with you, for you to see where both of you are in that "relationship"? Bring it!!

We specialize in making you a better shot with your rifle!! If you do not have one, or if yours fails during the event, we May even have .22's to loan out.....just ask before the event, if possible.

We shoot at 25m (82 ft) at a reduced size Army Qualification Target, scaled for 100, 200, 300, & 400 yd shooting.
We do not require the use of specialized gear, it really is a "run what you brung" shoot. We suggest the use of between .22 - 8mm rifles.

Iron sights, Tech-Sights, scopes, semi auto, bolt action, lever action, pump action, if you have it, & want to learn how to shoot it better, bring it!!

Bi-pods are not allowed, we actually teach how to get away from "needing them".....

Plan on shooting about 250 rounds of ammo, per rifle, per day. The range is our classroom, & we believe in teaching, & shooting, On the line.

Range: L.E. Duncan's Rainbow Shooting Club

Address:  3139 Rainbow Valley Blvd  Rainbow, CA   92028


When:   January 15-16, 2011        
Range Fee:  $10/person/day - Waived for Members of L.E. Duncan's Rainbow Shooting Club

Camping available: No

Hotels:  Rodeway Inn Temecula?  28718 Front Street, Temecual, CA? - (951) 676-4833
?Ramada Old Town Temecula?  28980 Old Town Front Street, Temecula, CA? - (951) 676-8770?
Best Western Country Inn?  27706 Jefferson Ave, Temecula, CA? - (951) 676-7378?
Holiday Inn Express Hotel Temecula?  27660 Jefferson Avenue, Temecula, CA? - (951) 699-2444
Directions: Interstate 15 exit Rainbow Valley Blvd W. and turn East. At the end of the road, turn north onto Rainbow Valley Blvd. Turn right into Range.

GPS:  33*25'49.65"N  117*08'27.47"W

State Laws to be aware of:  Check State Laws
*No detachable box magazines may be brought into state with capacity exceeding ten rounds.  Unless you owned them prior to Jan1, 2000; then it's OK. All Tubular-magazine 22s are OK.
*"Assault weapons" ban- If you're registered with CA DOJ already, you're fine and can shoot your AK, AR15, G3 etc. with no problem.  Might want to Xerox the DOJ document and keep it in the rifle case.  Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" into the state.  Do not bring an unregistered "assault weapon" to the range.  Similarly, unregistered 50 BMG is not legal.
Out of state shooters, don't bring military-pattern semiautomatics as they're almost sure to fall under the "assault weapon" ban.  M1 Garand and most 10-shot fixed-magazine SKS' are OK, however.  There is one SKS exception: Zastava SKS Carbines 59/66 are considered destructive devices in California and therefore may not be purchased, possessed, imported, or kept for sale without a permit.  (Having said all that about "assault rifles", there is provision in state law for out-of-state shooters to bring "assault rifles" to CA shooting events; anybody wants to try that out might want to read the statute for themselves and consult a lawyer-welcome to California.)

Transport rifles and pistols unloaded.  Pistols and "assault rifles" go in padlocked containers.  Car trunk is considered a locked container, but glove compartment, even if it locks, is not OK.  (I go the extra mile and padlock everything: firearms in one padlocked container, ammunition in another padlocked container.  More than law requires, though.) No tracer ammunition

Misc:  It is 25 meter shooting, so bring your Centerfire rifles or 22's out and gain valuable marksmanship skills.

Now, what is this going to cost you? Women, anyone under 21, and active military, reserves, and National Guard are given free admittance. Guys, 21 & older that are not in the military will be charged $45 for one day, $70 for the full weekend if they pre register here:
or, it will be $50 for one day, and $80 for the weekend.
In addition everyone pays range fees. They are $10/shooter/day. Waived for Members of L.E. Duncan's Rainbow Shooting Club.

We recommend you bring: Rifle, ammunition, hat, adjustable sling, shooting jacket, elbow pads, shooting mat (or carpet remnant), bag lunch, water/drink bottles, stapler & staples, pens, chair, and most importantly, a teachable attitude. Easy up type sun shades if you have one. For more information on what to bring go to:

For more information: click this link:</td><td>  

or if you need special consideration, send a Private Message to the Shoot Boss for the event, "Camljr" on the Appleseed Forum, or send an e-mail direct to
For range information contact the range at (760) 723-8743

Registration Link:

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