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Angeles Shooting Range Sunland CA November 27-28, 2010.
« on: November 10, 2010, 04:55:44 AM »

Angeles Shooting Ranges (ASR), the big commericial range everyone knows here in Los Angeles, a couple of miles from the 210/118 fwy junction, off of Osborne, has agreed to host another Appleseed shoot, Came on out, and find that inner rifleman, all you that have been trying to get that Rifleman Patch, you got another chance at it this weekend...

Bring a friend or co-worker and we will get them in touch with their inner american and teach them a few things about Marksmanship to boot!!!

By the way, Women, under 21, active military, military veterans (with proof) and LEO's shoot for free. All others only pay $80 for two days, and $50 for one day. You get a $5 discount if you pre-register...

No excuses now, folks... Put down that leftover turkey sandwich, Get up off that couch, put down that WII controller, and shut off the X-box 360 for a day or two!!!

You know you have some ammo stashed that needs to be put downrange!!!   

Range: Angeles Shooting Ranges, Inc.

Address: 12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342


When: November 27-28, 2010 

Range Fee: $10/person/day

Camping available: Not onsite.

Good-Nite Inn, 12835 Encinitas Avenue Sylmar, CA 91342-3518 (818)362-8899

Directions: Take 210 EXIT 8 toward OSBORNE ST/LAKE VIEW TERRACE.Turn SLIGHT
TUJUNGA CANYON RD. Range entrance is on the left. When you reach the main
parking lot you will see public range office on the right and the reloading/gun
store on the left. Turn left taking the road up the hill beside the reloading
store. You will see a sign right for "Eagles Nest." Follow signs for Appleseed

GPS: N34 18.414, W118 21.793

State Laws to be aware of:
All applicable California rifle restrictions are in place, if in doubt to what
is allowable, please refer to

*No detachable box magazines may be brought into state with capacity exceeding
ten rounds. All Tubular-magazine 22s are OK.

*"Assault weapons" ban- If you're registered with CA DOJ already, you're fine
and can shoot your AK, AR15, G3 etc. with no problem.  Might want to Xerox the
DOJ document and keep it in the rifle case.  Do not bring an unregistered
"assault weapon" into the state.  Do not bring an unregistered "assault
weapon" to the range.  Similarly, unregistered 50 BMG is not legal.

Out of state shooters, don't bring military-pattern semiautomatics as they're
almost sure to fall under the "assault weapon" ban.  M1 Garands are OK,
however.  Having said all that about "assault rifles", there is provision in
state law for out-of-state shooters to bring "assault rifles" to CA shooting
events; anybody wants to try that out might want to read the statute for
themselves and consult a lawyer-welcome to California.

Misc: This is is 25 M event. No steel core, steel jacketed or bi-metal rounds
are allowed on this range. Bring food and drink, there is a hot-dog stand but
its on the public range a drive away. Brown bag and plan to stay at the range
and hear the Story.

For More Information Contact: Private Message to "Camljr" on the Appleseed Forum, email,
Or call: Cameron 805.896-7935 (cell)

Registration Link

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