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New Mexico Ranges

Started by Devnull, October 01, 2010, 05:05:06 PM

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This is a thread to post what ranges your working on as well as contact information for those ranges. Please include what methods you are using to communicate with them as well as who your contact is once you do get in touch with them.
"What the heck. I haven't volunteered for something in oh say 6 hours."



    Just joined up with Northern Rio Grande.  Shorty was talking with a fellow shooter about AS already. Will meet more folks this weekend.  Only 1/2 hour 40 min.  from home on SE side of Santa Fe.  Good latrines. Fairly good range.  Keep you posted.



The recently formed Los Lunas Gun Club is planning a new range 10 miles W of Hwy 25 along N.M. 6.  Our club helped them get started.

Also, our club (the Manzano Mountain Gun Club located in Mountainair) last night had their range site approved by the Torrance County Commission after a long and arduous process.  The new range will be built 11 miles W of Mountainair just off Hwy 60.  We will have an Appleseed.


Good news!

Now get to work on your PCs.  I want you to be Shoot Boss at your events in MtnAir!

Edgewood, NM


Sheesh!  Try to do a fella a favor, and all he does is nag!   :)

Yassah boss!  It would be an honor.


What's ya'll projected construction time on this range?  Any idea on when it will be operational?

Obviously, time and money will be required to get it fully up to speed and ranges are continually a work in progress, but when do you expect to be Appleseed ready.  Meaning a 25 meter range?



We got an NRA grant for fence construction which mandates we have the fence built and the report back to them by Oct. 22.  The main issue now is the access road, we're up on a bit of a hill.  Realistically probably next Spring for an Appleseed, although we hope to have a berm or two and club members hoofing it in to shoot sometime in October.


An update:  Alas, the MMGC is bogged down in road logistics for the new range.  I'm not going to venture any sort of prognostication concerning when the range might be operational.  Long story.

On the bright side, the aforementioned Los Lunas gun range has been chugging along unabated with the pistol range now operational and the rifle range projected to be completed before the end of April.  Their range is about 10 miles west of Los Lunas off I-25 on Hwy 6.  Perhaps someone closer to that area could inquire about having an Appleseed this summer.