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Appleseed writeup from Ike's newsletter
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:51:51 AM »
One of our board members did a nice writeup of Appleseed in the Lincoln Izaak Walton monthly newsletter.  We have some people really excited about the program.  Here's the text:

I'm wearing out already,
just got word we have a
concealed carry class on June
27th, and event that is not on
the calendar that I can see.
The best part is last year we
had about 106 Trap shooters
and this year it
is already over
250. Where will
we put the
cars? We need
a three story
parking garage!
And then
there was Appleseed.
June 12th and
13th we hosted
a very new but exciting
event. The Appleseed Project,
for those of you who've not
heard about them, is an interesting
story. I would urge all
members to check out their
web site for more info at appleseedinfo.
org. Their mission,
simply stated, is to turn
anyone who wishes to attend
into a rifleman. They teach a
little history revolving around
April 19, 1775 when the colonies
began their fight against
England. They stress the importance
of a trained militia in
the freeing of our nation and
the importance of being prepared
for the future. This isn't
an ordinary group: they believe
that the founding of our
great nation began with a
marksman and that training
played a role in who we are as
a country.
I spent several hours
on Saturday watching their
instruction, which was attended
by two of our members
including a board member, and
I saw some great teaching. It
reminded me of basic training
with safety and range rules
being of utmost importance.
They teach correct use
of position shooting; sitting,
standing, and prone. They
teach good marksmanship
principles to both experienced
and beginning shooters a like.
Two days and 400 to
500 rounds of ammo provide a
good foundation when taught
well, and what I saw was well
done. I was impressed with
the fact that they had at least
6 coach/safety team members
running 16 shooters through
their program. There were
several ladies in attendance,
and I see this as a great class
for a parent and child to attend
together to further safe
and accurate shooting.
Izaak Walton is
about conservation and the
management of our resources.
Teaching good fundamental
shooting skills melds well into
our mission. Educated shooting
enthusiasts will become
educated conservationists. We
have a responsibility to pass
this knowledge on to the next
generation and it is programs
like this that will help us with
that goal.
Mike Kunkee

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Re: Appleseed writeup from Ike's newsletter
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2010, 10:17:56 AM »
Sweet!  Thanks for sharing Sharps.  I had a great time at Ikes and every one of their club members who I've met so far has been good people.  I'm looking forward to future shoots there... and if all goes as planned, an IBC later this summer/early fall.  ;)
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